Cuesta places $275 million bond on ballot

July 30, 2014

cuesta collegeThe Cuesta College Board of Trustees voted unanimously Tuesday to place a $275 million bond measure on the November ballot.

If 55 percent of voters approve of the initiative, San Luis Obispo County property owners will receive annual assessments of $19.45 per $100,000 of assessed value. The measure will also affect some property owners in Southern Monterey County.

Cuesta College is requesting the additional funding for campus repairs and upgrades. The revenue would go toward modular classroom safety, technology upgrades and the construction of a job and career training facility in North County.

In addition, Cuesta also plans to use funds from the bond initiative to help eliminate or refinance millions of dollars of debt.

Many voters in San Luis Obispo County will have sales tax measures on their ballots in addition to the Cuesta bond initiative. Voters in the city of San Luis Obispo will have the Cuesta bond, a city sales tax renewal and a San Luis Coastal school district bond measure on their ballots.

Election day is Nov. 4.

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Vote NO on the Cuesta bond! The college just can’t responsibly or professionally handle taxpayer money.

Their problems abound! High administrator, part-time faculty and classified staff turn over. Token race-based hiring practices (Euro Caucasians have the wrong skin color). Several under-performing programs. Some excessively tax-subsidized programs with NO accountability. Low student enrollment. Poor reputation among students. A campus culture of personal bias and prejudice that many direct toward each other. A history of lawsuits against the college and admin. Etc.

Don’t waste taxpayer money! NO on the Cuesta Bond!

It sounds as if the Cuesta trustees and administrators are still viewing things through Rosenwasser-colored glasses…

Cuesta needs to exhibit financial frugality and reform before they can be trusted with any bond money. Even the $275M number shows how far detached from reality they are…

Amen Perspicacious. And who do we have to thank for that – our schools of course! During the last 40 years we have focused on the self esteem of students and not adequately focused on the fundamentals of reading comprehension, the ability to write a cogent paragraph, math proficiency, and yes Civics, U. S. History, and Western Civilization. Happily, I am old enough to have missed the modern education system.

This isn’t Santa Cruz lame ass trustees. Raise the stinking tuition if you need more money but leave my tax alone. Take your bond and shve it.

Unfortunately, due to the great wisdom of California’s legislature, community colleges cannot raise tuition and cannot impose additional fees. Their only avenue for raising money is through a bond.

I have voted NO on ANY measure, statewide or local, that has the word “bond” or “tax” in it for as long as I can remember, no matter what the “cause” is. They already get enough of my money and they just better figure out how to do it with what they get already. This state is taking away my freedoms at breakneck speed, and this county is too. Then both of them want me to give them more money?! Are you kidding? I don’t care if the bond is for legless children of disabled WWIII vets with diabetes, I am NOT voting yes on any bond. And for sure not voting yes on anything for education. Like another poster said, they are giving licenses and education and such to illegal aliens, and they want me to pay higher taxes to pay for it? B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m with you. I have had conversations with people about bonds before. I will ask but who pays for it? They respond……..well the Gov. O.k. who is the Gov? Congress and those guys, they will vote the money? But where does the money come from? Ummm.

They missed that part in the Constitution about, We the people…….and for the people….and by the people…….. and all the other mentioning of PEOPLE! Guess they thought those people were someone else and not them. Worse these type usually vote. God save us.

I don’t have any research to back this up at the moment but I would bet 75%+ of the American people have no clue that THEY are supposed to be the “government”.

Perspicacious, the proof of your bet is in the pudding. Look at our most recent June 3rd County election and the number of complacent residents who made a choice to NOT cast a ballot. The despicable voter turnout exemplifies the indifference of many SLO County registered voters who must not have a “clue” that they are the government. We hope in November people who understand the detriment of over-taxation via the approval of bond measures, will VOTE NO on anything/everything that will dip in and further deplete our personal finances.