Meth seized in Cayucos and Morro Bay

July 31, 2014

unnamed-2The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office arrested three suspected drug dealers and seized 7 ounces of methamphetamine  this week in Cayucos and Morro Bay.

On Tuesday afternoon, a sheriff’s deputy stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation in Cayucos at the corner of Northbound Highway 1 and Cayucos Drive. The deputy then searched the vehicle and found approximately 5.5 ounces of methamphetamine, which has a street value of about $5,500.

The deputy arrested the 31-year-old driver of the car, Guadalupe Pineda Manzanarez, and a 29-year-old passenger, Yadira Lopez Reyes, both of whom are residents of San Luis Obispo. Each suspect received a charge of possession of a controlled substance for sale.

In an unrelated incident the next morning, the sheriff’s narcotics unit served a search warrant at a mobile home in 1900 block of Main Street in Morro Bay. Officers discovered approximately 1.5 ounces of meth hidden beneath a shed on the property.

The meth seized has a street value of about $1,500. Investigators arrested Paso Robles resident Everardo Lozano Rodriguez, 46, for possession of a controlled substance for sale.

Officers booked the suspects from both cases in San Luis Obispo County Jail.


Hmmm, was it 7 oz or 7 lbs. If it was logged as 7 oz, then Pierce’s old boss can keep funding is separate retirement account?


Illegal aliens?


Better yet, candidates for amnesty, a drivers license, an education a law degree if desired, politics, and a possible judgeship. The American dream.