Lompoc City Council loosens sex offender regulations

July 17, 2014
Frank Lindsay

Frank Lindsay

In response to a lawsuit filed by an Arroyo Grande man regarding Lompoc’s regulations about where sex offenders can visit and live, the Lompoc City Council voted Tuesday to suspend enforcing residential limits and to revise laws on where sex offenders can visit.

Frank Lindsay, who is a registered sex offender, has filed several claims against California cities which have enacted more stringent than state regulations about where sex offenders can live and visit. More than 70 cities have voted in local ordinances that bar sex offenders from going to places like movie theaters or parks.

In January, the state Court of Appeals handed down a ruling involving the city of Irvine’s regulations. The court said that the state has jurisdiction over where sex offenders cannot go, not local jurisdictions.

Lindsay, 60, was convicted in 1979 for lewd or lascivious acts with a child less than 14 years of age. Lindsay is being backed by lawyers from California Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSLO), who say the change will allow registered sex offenders and their families to lawfully visit movie theaters, parks, beaches and libraries.

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Make sure your kids are sitting right next to you at that next showing of the muppet movie. Child molesters always have motive and always seek opportunity. Maybe he could also be a clown at birthday parties or a Santa at Christmas..must not hurt molesters feelings, much more omportant than children’s lives!

Move to Mexico or Canada and be anonymous. I don’t have a problem if he pays his taxes and isn’t dependent on the system like these illegal immigrants are.

I say if he hasn’t done anything in 35 years and he’s clean then let him go. If you hold people down for things that happened years ago then asking the State to mandate we’ll taxpayers have to pay.

Mr Lindsay has only been convicted once, and that does not mean he has not done the act many times prior. I just think of the saying give them an inch they will take a mile,

These are children who have to deal with his crime the rest of their lives. I think make the places they can go as small as humanly possible like a 8 by 10 cell.

I think you would make a fine b*tch in prison and that is where you should be.

Is this quiet time reading for you? Do you curl up with your prison rape stories on a rainy day? I know you think you’re being funny but you’re anything but.

I’m thinkin’ the Australian outback would be a good place for Mr. Lindsay to visit (& Mr.

Lincoln too).

I am certain these cities have no idea of the nature of sex addiction and sexual paraphilias and also-what triggers them. Middle circle behavior will very quickly escalate to inner circle behavior because offenders will feel they have more freedom to “hunt” now.

You’ll be sorry…………