Paso council weighing marijuana delivery ban

July 15, 2014

medical marijuan rxThe Paso Robles City Council will consider Tuesday a proposed ban on medical marijuana delivery services.

Paso Robles already has a ban on brick and mortar medical marijuana dispensaries. City staff is now requesting that the council adopt an urgency ordinance banning mobile dispensaries.

Staff says marijuana delivery services expose the city to enforcement costs and the possibility of violent crime.

Recently, the San Luis Obispo City Council considered a ban on delivery services. Numerous residents opposed it, though, and the council voted to table the issue.

The Paso Robles council will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday.


Reefer Madness comes to Paso….


So San Luis Obispo Council tabled the potential ban on Pot retailers. That makes sense since Corey Pierce is no longer available to supply them with their travel needs. Now that Paso lost Jimmy and Dougie’s pet Chief Chitty, what will they do for entertainment. Hmmm, better not ban the pot dispensaries. Hmm, maybe the PW Director’s son can pick up on some entertainment for all to enjoy. By the way, one of the senior workers in the waste water department’s son is also a registered sex offender, but he was innocent according to his dad. It is surprising they let their Building Maintenance Supervisor go, he only took a little on the side like that low-life at San Luis Obispo. Local government truly attracts the bottom of the barrel. Why this is even news is a joke.


IMO, if the City handles this as other nuisance businesses like massage therapist, taxis, etc. I think it would a legal solution for the people needing this service. I think they should be regulated, given a conditional permit, all employees should be required to pass a background check, require major insurance coverage, be required to renew conditional license every six months and maintain names, addresses, amounts and frequency delivered, and all records to be audited annually, etc. Requirements should be handled like any other prescription. Actually, I do not understand why pharmacies are not dispensing in our State and keep it out of the hands of thugs, criminals, etc. If it is truly medical (I keep hearing how great it is in difficult times and is a medical miracle for some) then handle it like any other prescription.

Extremely Stoic

Just out of curiosity, are other drugs delivered to the buyer. Can one have Vicodin delivered to you door?


Though I’m sure you are trying to be sarcastic, the answer is yes. Many small town pharmacies deliver (Legal) prescription drugs that are killing folks in record numbers. But that’s OK because it’s legal.


So is medical marijuana.


Yes, Finally.

And smoking pot has killed how many?

Prescription drug overdose deaths, are now the leading cause of injury death in the United States – surpassing motor vehicle crashes. This is the government stats. Look it up.


In answer to your question about deaths, I want to be very clear about a meeting held in Atascadero several months ago by the Atascadero Police Dept. The marijuana of years past is not the marijuana of today. It is laced with synthesis from other drugs. I do not know about the purity of medical marijuana but if you talk to the police they will give you an education on the marijuana of today.

Me, I have never smoked or used illicit drugs. But, I could support medical marijuana if it is regulated and dispensed properly.

As for a Drug store delivering drugs and other goods, they pay a high price for this privilege with insurance, license, etc. Marajuna dispersers should be held to the same standard.


If that is what the Atascadero police department told you, then they are ignorant or they are lying. That is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. IT is also NOT TRUE that Marijuana is substantially stronger now than it was then. What IS true is that people are growing and buying higher grade marijuana than they used to, so this increases the AVERAGE potency found in drug busts.


SLOBIRD says: “The marijuana of years past is not the marijuana of today. It is laced with synthesis from other drugs. ”

This is false, unless you buy from some tweaker in the park. The Atascadero Police Dept has a bias and a motive to spread FUD.


Oh for cryin’ out loud. When the council finally votes to allow for the delivery service, there

needs to also be a rider mandating the delivery boy stop by Fred Strong’s place to feed his



Dipshits, living in the dark ages. Its legal and a known benefit for medical purposes.

Bunch of tired old white men again, telling us what to do?


QUOTING HOTDOG: “Dipshits, living in the dark ages.”



The LA Times published an article last weekend, “Medical marijuana delivery services are on a roll” (

In Southern California (LA and Orange County was the main focus of the article) city officials are actually happy for the delivery services because they want to avoid having neighborhoods inundated with pot dispensaries, with the much-feared unsavory customers and robberies plaguing residents and other businesses.

So, leave it to Paso Robles, to boldly step in the wrong direction…unless the City Council/App actually want to court potential problems.

It would, of course, give the police department a reason to expand its budget.


P.S. Two weeks ago the LA Times published an article about a marijuana farmers market:

Pot ‘farmers market’ in Boyle Heights off to a roaring start” (

Unfortunately, the LA City Attorney wants to stop it:

L.A. city attorney seeks court order to halt cannabis farmers market



Yes council, make those cancer patients drive to god knows where instead of safely having it delivered by passionate care provider. I have listened to police scanners and never once have I heard a single call of “pot problems”. Most local police calls are for bar fights, drunk drivers, domestic disputes and the homeless acting out. Maybe you should ban marriage as it causes fights……Find a real issue to solve like voting yourselves raises while raising our taxes every time you can. How about voting to make taking direct bribes or “campaign contributions” from developers, illegal, when voting on land issues like the Dalidio debacle. Yes council, you deep thinkers, please give the pot trade back to street scum and smugglers. Bring on the panga boats so Sherriff Parkinson can justify buying that half million dollar fishing boat for his boys. So yes, vote to make that dying cancer patient, sick from chemo, go find illegal pot. Keep up the good work council!


We all know every single person who has a medical marijuana card is a cancer patient in constant pain….. there certainly is no abuse of the system.

Did it ever occur to you that any of those bar fights, DUI’s, domestic disputes, or homeless issues could have a marijuana back ground, no usually something known at the time a “police call” is made.

Let’s also work on the abuse of this issue as well as making it available to those that “really” benefit from it, and yes they can be done at the same time.


“Did it ever occur to you that any of those bar fights, DUI’s, domestic disputes, or homeless issues could have a marijuana back ground,” That is a statement completely void of any actual knowledge of the effect of marijuana. For years people have been selling poison on ever corner and no one bats an eye, and then you try to villianize a much less harmful substance. Absurdity at its finest.


Because no one has ever gotten into fight, DUI or dispute over marijunan??? If you think so talk about absurdity…

Where exactly did I support the selling of “poison on ever(y) corner”????

less harmful, again absurdity….


Dude, you are obviously completely ignorant of the subject about which you speak. Not to say it’s impossible for a person to get violent when high, it just does not happen. Tell you what: monitor a cop scanner of a week or so; tabulate the calls involving alcohol vs those for marijuana; then come back and tell us what a problem pot is. (I’m betting its 100:1 or less…)


Speaking of ignorant, DUI is not a violent issue, as stated it’s an impairment issue. You seemed to be wearing the rose colored glasses that every person who uses pot is in a flashback to the 60’s, mellow and dancing in poppy fields. Wake up, a violent person is a violent person and they are not that way only because they are using alcohol or marijuana. When a police call goes out, it doesn’t state why the person is violent, because that is not known at the start of a call, that determination is done later during the investigation, so to “monitor a cop scanner” would be of no use, besides I have better things to do than sit alone in my dark room listening to a police scanner, I actually have a life to enjoy, Dude….

Why are the pro-marijuana group so afraid to address the abuse of the medical cards???


Why are the pro-marijuana group so afraid to address the abuse of the medical cards

because they have been smoking the ‘Durban Poison’ again that stuff makes you afraid of everything

just look at the societal carnage wrought on Colorado,


Gee, I thought you were worried about people getting violent while on pot, but you just stated that doesn’t matter “…a violent person is a violent person…” you just defeated your own argument, Dude!!…. Why not just go watch “Reefer Madness” again? Geez… Educate yourself, then post…Dude


You might want to re-read my comments, I never directly tied pot and violence together, Do you need to go back to the classroom? Dude……


Because some of us are no “pro medical-marijuana” but rather just “pro-marijuana.” Marijuana makes a violent person much less likely to be violent.


K nut, Don’t get your Depends in a bunch…. You are out of touch with reality. There is abuse of everything. Handicap parking signs for perfectly healthy humans, service animals who’s owners who must take Fido everywhere. George League parking in the red zone and left alone by police. Lying about your age to get senior discounts. Don’t forget abuse of power from 99.9 % of all politicians, including council members. Oh the Humanity!!! May your Hoveraound deliver you safely back to the home before the staff reports you missing.

Old Salt

With the Mex. gangs in Paso including the White Biker gangs and plain old fashioned robbers these Mobile Dispensers will be getting stopped and robbed on a regular basis…imho…Especially if they carry large quantities of the get HIGH stuff…and cash.


That has not been the case in Los Angeles and Orange County.


And the delivery services are getting stopped and robbed now?!?!?! I haven’t heard a thing about anything like that around here.. have you?!?! Where is your source of info?

Old Salt

You don’t read very well…

I said…”they will start being stopped and robbed on a regular basis…imho…


Glad they are taking care of this hot topic and not getting distracted by potholes and deteriorating streets all over town, water problems and other issues. Get these people off that medical pot now!!!!


It’s all about priorities, BTDT. It’s much easier for the cops to bust a guy delivering pot to a housebound, cancer-stricken hospice patient than it is to deal with gang issues.

Forget about spending money on roads! Soon thousands will be earmarked for PPPP (Paso PD Pot Patrol.)

These elite, specially-trained officers will be handpicked by Jim App and staff to focus on tracking down a handful of mobile pot dispensary vehicles as well as patrolling what REALLY matters in Paso: the extremely dangerous massage parlors and Salinas riverbed (not for homeless, just for families on quads).


“Staff says marijuana delivery services expose the city to enforcement costs and the possibility of violent crime.” These costs/exposures already exist. What data is offered to indicate that these costs will rise should such a “service” be promulgated, or are we using the same old “slippery slope” falalacy for an argument, i.e. Vietnam, WOMD in IRAQ etc.