SUV nearly misses elderly couple as it slams into Oceano home

July 15, 2014

BskQ0DMCcAAJlnKAn SUV crashed into an Oceano home Monday night, narrowly avoiding an elderly couple sitting in the living room. [KSBY]

A woman driving a Chevy Yukon lost control of her vehicle around 9:30 p.m. in the 1300 block of 16th Street in Oceano. The SUV crashed through the front yard fence of the home.

The vehicle then hit the corner of the home, demolishing walls and furnishings, and hit the couple’s car, causing it to strike a neighboring home.

Emergency personnel responded and took the driver, who happened to be pregnant, to a local hospital. The woman was conscious when responders arrived at the scene.

Officials did not report any other injuries from the crash.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene prior to the collision, according to the Five Cities Fire Authority. It is unclear why they were there, though.

The cause of the crash also remains unclear. A CHP investigation into the crash is ongoing.


“Barely” misses? Nearly “hits”?


What’s the posted speed limit? Maybe 35mph? She loses control of her car at 35mph? The cause of the crash is unclear? I would think traveling well over the posted speed limit would be the obvious explanation given the damage done to the house.


“San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene prior to the collision”

Another explanation is that she was distracted by whatever was going on with the Deputies. It’s not uncommon for people to watch the cops when their around (curiosity if nothing else).