Salinas interpreter molests deaf students

July 14, 2014
Adam Frogel

Adam Frogel

A former sign language interpreter for deaf students at North Salinas High School pled no contest to sexually molesting three underage students, officials announced Friday.

On March 14, school authorities contacted the Salinas Police Department to report inappropriate sexual contact between Adam Frogel, 56, and several 15 to 16-year-old students. Frogel touched two of the children over their clothing and asked another to have sexual relations with him, officials said.

According to a complaint filed earlier this year, some of the alleged activity took place in a car and in a hotel room.

Frogel pled no contest to felony exhibition of harmful material to a minor, misdemeanor child molestation, and battery and will be sentenced to felony probation on Sept. 5.

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The predators are EVERYWHERE!!!

It means the person was convicted of a felony, and if probation is violated, he goes to prison.

I wonder what his probation will consist of? Certainly he can no longer be around children however how can the probation dept make certain that he will not harm another child? I guess they can’t.

These predators seem to be all over the place, I think we need a work farm, a special place for them where we can keep an eye on them and they can earn their own way by working to pay for the room & board that they’re provided.

Sick, what is felony probation?