Six Californias measure could appear on 2016 ballot

July 18, 2014

six-californiasThe campaign for an initiative to divide California into six separate states says it has collected enough signatures to place the measure on the 2016 ballot. [LA Times]

In order to qualify for the ballot, the six Californias campaign must have gathered 808,000 signatures by Friday. Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper, the leader of the initiative, filed the signatures in Sacramento on Tuesday.

State officials must now review the signatures to determine if there are enough valid ones to qualify.

The Six Californias campaign would create the states of Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California and South California. The proposal positions San Luis Obispo County along with Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties in West California.

Even if Californians approve of the initiative, the U.S. Congress would have to sign off in order for the split to take effect.


I waited awhile to see if anyone else peeked behind the curtain, but no.

Any of you separationists able to afford your own state ? I don’t think so.

But billionaire Tim Draper can, if he can carve out one small enough.

It’s astounding how these con-men wiggle the furry doll and the lo-info’s fall for the rigged scheme every time !


Execute the split and then cut it down to 4 by annexing south California back to Mexico, Disneyland and all!


I think it’s a great idea!

Then SF, LA, Orange County, and San Diego would have to start dealing with the realities of where they actually live and not be able to so easily steal the resources of the rest of the state for their arrogant, wasteful, unappreciative selves.

And paranoid nwo legislators like DeLeon and Monning can subject their own constituents to their irrelevant paranoia, and not the entire state.


My first thought… would Prop 13 be grandfathered in? If not, no one will be able to live anywhere in the new Californias. It’s a stupid idea anyway. It would have to be approved by congress, which will not happen. Why not just create 5 states and give Southern California back to Mexico.


Maybe some of the new states won’t have any property taxes at all!!!

Maybe one or two of them will come up with a ‘user fee’ state revenue plan in place of a ‘tax all you can’ ideology.

And maybe, just maybe, a couple of them will encourage ‘volunteerism’ from the community instead of creating government agencies and imposing employee union contracts that ruin the economies of wherever they exist with their bloated salaries, perks, and retirement packages.

There was a time when people weren’t taxed so much in this country – and it’s NOT because we were backward at the time, but because people VOLUNTEERED to do whatever the community needed – put out a fire, build a road, raise a barn, bring in the crops, ….

All that went away as soon as ‘government agencies’ started springing up and people were no longer ‘allowed’ to take care of things themselves because ‘government regulations’ no longer allow it.


Panamint, California


We can’t give southern California back to Mexico….they’ve already taken it.


They complicate things too much. Have LA area be one state. SF area be another, and the rest of CA be the third.


Man…do you realize how much your TAXES would be then ?

The tax base of LA, the Bay area and Silicon Valley fund the whole state.

Or maybe you WANT to be like Mississippi ?


I would love to see some number to prove your point.


LA and SF may have the tax base but things would equal themselves out when LA begins paying $3000 for a bottle of water, limited as it is LA and SF have no water.


They also SPEND all of that money and pass all of the ridiculous laws and regulations the rest of the FREE state has to abide by. Trust me, the rest of the state would be better off BY FAR without SF and LA.

By the way, the rest of the state FEEDS the cesspools of LA and SF.


Talk about gerrymandering!


I LOVE the idea of splitting up this huge state. I HATE the lines in this plan. San Luis Obispo county shouldn’t be in the same state as L.A.. That wouldn’t improve anything for us — and it will probably make our lives worse. A better fit would be for SLO county to go with Central California. Similar economies. Similar politics.


So what you’re really saying is that you think people in SLO county are as stupid as people in Bakersfield and the rest of the Central Valley.


Wow, such hate.


Nah, sometimes the truth just hurts.


There’s some of that quality “coexist” and “open minded” behavior I’ve come to expect from you…


You must be under the misapprehension that I am some kind of fuzzy headed liberal idealist.

I am not.

I’m more like Mandela than Gandhi, and more like Hamilton than Jefferson …even though all of them were revolutionaries.

For contemporary reading material that provides some subtext for my opinions, check out “What’s the Matter with Kansas ?” by Thomas Frank and “What’s the Matter with White People ?” but Joan Walsh.

I’m really not hateful at all, but I do think that there is something wrong beyond fixing with people that think stupidity is a virtue.


Wow! lets examine the intelligence comparison that you’ve so confidently stated. A larger percentage of SLO county residents voted for the current commander and chief over Romney and the stupid people from the valley largely supported Romney. Hmmmm


Hey, no way do I want SLO County included in the same state as Los Angeles. Draw some new lines and I’ll think about it. ;)


We could have Bruce Gibson as Governor, Adam Hill as Treasurer, Jan Marx as Attorney General, Jamie Irons as State Controller, Katie Lickit as Secretary of State and Caren Ray as STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. Winners!


Slobird that team would be of like kind don’t you think?