13-year-old crashes car into Santa Maria store

August 21, 2014

police chaseA 13-year-old boy got behind the wheel in Santa Maria Wednesday evening and led police on a brief high-speed chase that concluded inside Michael’s arts and crafts store. [KSBY]

Around 9:35 p.m., the 13-year-old took off at high speeds near the intersection of Lincoln Street and Carmen Lane in Santa Maria. An officer tried to stop the driver, but the boy drove through a private driveway and crashed into the Michael’s store.

The entire chase lasted less than a minute. The boy’s car ended up about 30 to 40 feet inside the store.

No injuries occurred during the incident.

Santa Maria police arrested the 13-year-old and booked him into juvenile hall. The boy faces several charges related to the pursuit and crash.

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How about, no drivers license until he is 25? Could that be included in the sentencing? He violated so many laws. At worst he’ll go to Juvenile Hall; and at 18 this will be off his record. Unbelievable!

Hey, my friend and I stole her parent’s station wagon and drove it to the elementary school when we were 10. You should have seen her parents’ faces when we drove up!! It was the candy cigarettes….

WOW STARTING A LIFE of crime at the young age of 13 ,WHERE are the parents of this boy?