Atascadero man loses it at sheriff’s station

August 31, 2014

arrestAmid a family dispute, a 20-year-old Atascadero man allegedly vandalized the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s North Patrol Station in Templeton during a standoff on Saturday.

At 1:10 p.m., dispatch received a 911 call reporting a family disturbance in the sheriff’s parking lot. Juan Jose Salgado then broke a sheriff office window before climbing onto the roof where he began breaking things and refused to come down.

With the help of a California Highway Patrol helicopter crew, deputies confronted Salgado who jumped from the roof and attempted to flee.

Deputies arrested Salgado at 2:25 p.m. and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on felony vandalism and resisting/obstructing arrest charges. His bail is set at $15,000.

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It’s time to face up to the fact that the media covers for criminals and could care less about how they effect American citizens and families. Here’s a letter to oMao from a father whose son was mercilessly killed by…yet another one:

“…the immigration debate focuses too heavily on illegal immigrant families and not enough on American families affected by the actions of illegal immigrants….:

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Begs the question if deportation is in his future

Odd how when Perspicacious, in the Cambria FD / under age / rape article said the exact same things, the thumbs up/down were a mirror image of Paso_Guy’s comment here.

Funny how things work around here… and yes, they are both racist comments. Worse, they are ignorant comments. We do not “deport” people who break laws (especially the laws pertaining to immigration). Duh.

Nice to here that the Sheriff’s substation did NOT have any deputies wasting time mid-day on a Saturday. Out on duty, or at least wasting time elsewhere. And why are they no longer sharing a facility with the CHP? Seems common sense enough, even for government. That said, why was the family in the S.O.’s parking lot? Did they agree in the heat of argument that the police had to be involved and instead of having them come to you…? Was the guy mad that no cops were there? As to the $15K bail, maybe he’s decent guy with no record who lost it Chevy Chase-style. Bail is not punishment. It is to ensure that the accused shows up. He’s out $2,250 cash to the bondman, and the lawyer ain’t gonna be cheap either. Seems like he might be able to learn whatever it is he needs to learn.

I would make my very pertinent comment here but I have been told not to make it anymore, so……$15k seems kind of light on the bail.

Told what? By who? Your wife?

Basically the same thing that Paso_guy said above. I had it deleted and was told by the anonymous moderator to stop it. :)

Except Perspicacious added a personal attack, not the same at all.

“told by the anonymous moderator to stop it. :)” Yes I did, I told an anonymous commenter to stop attacking people or the comments and soon the account will go away.

? or !

Hoes noes! A personal attack!? Why that NEVER is allowed here! :(

Poor choice of a defense.