Arroyo Grande investigation is not a waste of time

August 31, 2014

arroyo grandeOPINION By OTIS PAGE

Regarding the Tribunes editorial, “Why is Arroyo Grande wasting time on inquiry into ‘incident’ involving two staff members?” on Aug. 29, it appears the Tribune’s editor and respected correspondent Cynthia Lambert may have the impression that the citizens who spoke during public comment in the Aug. 26 Arroyo Grande Council meeting concerning the admitted indiscretion of the city manager are “self-righteous conspiracy theorists” who will never “disbelieve slimy reports of a sex scandal.”

I disagree. Those citizens spoke for and the council agreed to an audit; an investigation of the facts surrounding the allegation of misconduct.

To “strongly urge the Arroyo Grande City Council to stand by its employees” and to suggest “there’s no need to follow that up with an inquisition” is to join the cover-up that many believe has occurred, especially by those citizens who appeared and gave their views that an audit and new investigation should occur. This is especially important since a review may clear the names of the respected City Manager, Steve Adams, and equally respected Teresa McClish.

The investigating attorney did not receive “sworn testimony.” His report was unwritten and submitted to the council based on “hearsay.”

How can the citizens trust the attorney’s unwritten report when no formal deposition under oath was taken? Especially, since the attorney is associated with the City Attorney’s law firm. This begs the legitimate question — despite Mayor Tony Ferrara’s sober confirmation of the lawyer’s integrity — was the lawyer truly hired to investigate the facts or to repair the damage?

Those citizens giving their statements did so since they are rightfully troubled by the incident no matter how trivial or innocent it may appear. The Tribune’s editorial is offensive and sustains the concern that it is also a cover-up because of the revelation by a competing news source, CalCoastNews.

Otis Page is a concerned citizen of Arroyo Grande.


Here’s How I see it I know both these People fairly well,at this point not well enough..

Point Number one Some thing went on, This story is very Fuzzy, your not getting the truth, and at this point , I think someone is hiding something, .. Is the Mayor of Arroyo Grande on really.. First Thing I’d do if he worked for me ,I’d give him the Mayor,& Steve Adams more time to find Chicks!

I’d give them both $500 to buy a big box of Rubbers,and tell them both to Get The Hell out of Dodge City.. By sun Down.

I saw Ag Needs to Have a Huge Re- Call Vote, there is no excuse for this.. Things are being run Dishonest,unprofessional, Someone will be Sued I bet.

Here’s what will Happen In 6 Months Steve Adams will Find a better Job,and be to another city.. You sucker will pay his 6 mo. severance , Mrs McClish will be on go out on Work Comp. Stress.. and she will retire with pay which will all be paid for by the city, and two month after that “the Mayor & city Council will all be patting them selves on the back..

Beat Them to the Draw Fire them NOW!!! Or you will pay the bill later, anyone ever Hear of “The Grand Jury”?


In rely to agag1: Wait don’t call 911 as “we need time to get dressed”

Wait “we gotta get our stories straight”

“OH sh*t the cos are here”


Cops! are here. was the word.

fishing village

This isn’t about people speaking out, they get to, it is about the council deciding enough investigation was done and although some want more, for me (I don’t live in AG), it should be dropped. just sayin’……

Mr. Holly

Do you mean covered up?

Kevin Rice

Wrong, fv, it’s about the council secretly covering up without even letting the public know something happened in the first place, which ignites distrust. If the council had announced something happened way back on July 7, then I doubt this would have grown legs. The council’s job is to openly govern, not decide what is good for the public to know and not know. In fact, Article I, Section 3 of the California Constitution declares it is the RIGHT of the People to know, because it is the People’s institution that the People created. Mr. Irons could use better understanding of the Constitution over there in lovely MB.


I’m curious as to why Steve or Teresa didn’t call 911 to report ” a burglar” at City Hall, when in truth, it actually WAS the police trying to get them to open the door? If one of them honestly believed the building was being broken into and didn’t alert the authorities, at the very least they should be fired for failure to protect city property.

With regards to the investigation, $1254 doesn’t buy much these days, the City got what they (we) paid for.

A more in depth investigation will address many of the issues that just do not add up.


Hold the phone!

It’s against the law to call 911 for false reporting of a crime…that’s why neither of them called.

Now, THAT makes sense.


In urging the council to stand by employees, the Tribune is forgetting that the role of the elected council is to stand by the people. The role of civil servants is to serve the people. It is a perversion of democracy to suggest that the greater good is in standing by the institution rather than the public to whom the institution belongs.


I hope, should the council decide not to allow an independent investigation, the citizens fight back.

1) If we can not trust our government to do the right thing, then we must RECALL them immediately.

2) We tell them we will VOTE NO on the CHARTER,

3) We will find a write in candidate to replace the mayor.

All we are asking for is a true investigation to show us if a cover up is happening or not. If one is not occurring, I can see no reason for the council to vote against it. This would be the best money spent, you will get our trust back, how much is that worth to you.

You can not offer me money to change my mind, but you can spend the money to prove me wrong.

There is asking questions, then there is asking the right questions and doing it under oath. I just want the truth to come out, is that to much to ask.

I live in the city limits, I am registered to vote, and I do vote every election. If you don’t supply me with the facts, why should I vote for you, or allow you to stay in office. People make mistakes as Tony like to point out to us all at the meeting. That is not the problem, the problem is when you try to hide them and you lie to us, there lies the problem.

Prove us wrong do an independent investigation, put a clear end to this issue.


I have lived in the city of Arroyo Grande all of my life and worked for the city. I am discusted by the actions of our city officials! It’s not about what two people have chose to do but it’s more of where, and Steve messing around with a subordinate..this was always told to everyone who worked for the city NOT ALLOWED ! That goes for all that work for the city not just a few.Those two people have the look of guilt on there faces and from all the police reports they were and are guilty. Steve should be fired with Trish. Mayor Tony covered it up instead of bringing in a attorney that is not the city’s.I voted for Tony and now im sorry that i did. He needs to be recalled or better yet a write in for the mayor position we need someone who is a good honest representive for this city i love. We as a city needs to stand up and kick these fools out!

Maybe the citizens of Arroyo Grande should start a petition! i will be the first to sign it!

I feel sorry for the family’s of Steve and Trish!!


Will most likely be dropping my long time subscription to the Tribune. We know where their loyalties are, and it is not for the community.


Pull the plug!

Why should we support the Trib when they don’t support or fairly represent the people of this community?

They NEED us, we do not need them.


Dropped mine last year after all the Gibson reported his affair on the front page of the fish wrap and the spin they put on it to protect cheater Brucie and his taxpayer whore and administrative aide.

The paper is not worth the paper it’s written on.


OTIS PAGE – Seldom do I agree with your letters, however, this, and the previous letter to CCN, have been right on target!

I compliment you for the succinctness, balance, and considered articulation of the factors surrounding this issue. Yours is not the “Hair-on-fire!” style so often displayed in these pages.

Thank you for your well reasoned letters, you hit the core of factors “THE TRIBUNE” editorial so sorely missed, failed to consider.


The Tribune editorial staff, led by Joe Tarica, view itself as an enlightened elite who know what’s best for the “provincials” they happen to share the county with.

Today Mr. Tarica chose to opine on what he sees as a lack of gun laws relating to keeping guns out of the hands of children; he cites the recent tragedy at an Arizona gun range, while failing to grasp the very basic concept that you cannot regulate either commonsense or morality.

The Tribune editorial staff takes the “enlightened” view that whatever happened between Mr. Adams and his subordinate on city property was a private matter. I wonder if they will take the same view when a lawsuit is generated by the employee who will say she felt coerced by her boss (remember she has to explain this to her husband).

My guess is Mr. Tarica and his exciting chums at the Tribune won’t know about any lawsuits until they read about it on the Cal Coast News website. Then the Tribune will be all over the story, kind of like their coverage of a teenagers suicide in Los Osos earlier this year. Although neither news outlet should have covered the story, when CCN covered the story the Tribune was all over it.

Watching the present editorial staff’s buffonery makes me miss former Editor Jeff Fairbanks even more.


The Tribune is one of the worst excuses for a newspaper I have ever tried to read. Typical headline is “City to blah blah blah” or “County will blah blah blah”. The editorials are just blather and would have to greatly improve just to get a “brickbat” from me in place of the “cowpie” I usually award. Joe Tarica should swap his pen for a shovel


I agree the paper has gone down hill. They used to actually do in depth stories about issues and problems in the county. Now they wait to be spoon fed by the various governmental agencies and they have a very chummy relationship to the elected leadership. They must all go to the same cocktail parties! Joe Tarica ought to pull his head out of his rectum and direct his reporters towards actual investigative news stories, but that would ruffle feathers and make it awkward at those cocktail parties..


Less than 1 out of every 5 homes currently subscribes to the TT. We stopped advertising with them for this very reason. Alternate sources are no doubt the cause for some of this decline, but longtime subscribers are just fed up with the direction in which the paper has gone.

Kevin Rice

>> They must all go to the same cocktail parties!

DING! Right answer!

Mr. Holly


1. If the council votes not to have a investigation the scandal is over.

2. If the council votes for a investigation there will be resignations with large pay outs.

This will keep the coverup in place and the whole dirty situations going on in AG will be put away until the next incident.

My vote goes to #2. What do you think?


No. 3…while stalling, Mayor Ferrara and Council members will continue to intimidate members of the community who push for an independent investigation.


#4. The citizens remind the council of page 5 of Mr. Adams contract that states should he bring negative attention to the city, they can let him go without paying the 6 month severance package. Mrs McClish however, will likely serve the city with a sexual harassment lawsuit.


At least when I state facts someone does not give me the thumb down.( tony) Your profile on match,com is interesting Tony. you do not want the woman to interrupt you when you are speaking, control freak!