Atascadero student arrested first day of school

August 26, 2014

atashighschBefore the start of the first day of school on Monday, Atascadero High School administrators discovered a video online that they determined posed a possible threat to students. Shortly afterwards, one student was in police custody.

School officials have not responded to inquires about the incident.

Shortly after 9 a.m. on Monday Principal E.J. Rossi sent of the following email to parents:

‘This morning we were forwarded a video that was posted by one of our students that posed a possible threat. We saw the video just before school and our first priority was to determine the validity of the video and talk to the student who posted it.

“Atascadero High School administration took all of the appropriate measures to investigate the video and included the authorities. Prior to class starting, we were able to determine there was no immediate threat to our school and the student who posted the video was taken into custody in addition to school discipline.

“I wanted to share out as much information as I could in case you begin to hear rumors and to ensure you that your child is and was safe. We work to maintain a safe environment and I am thankful for our community and Atascadero Police Department for our combined efforts to do so.”

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Nothing as vague as this could have much probability to it. Sounds like a stunt in order to make parents feel the high school is safe. From what I read in the news about Atascadero-it isn’t….so pretty good publicity stunt on their part.

Well that article sure clears up the situation for me. Not! In other important news a politician was caught in a lie.

How was the first day of school honey, did you make any new friends?

A nameless student arrested for a video with no discription. What is not to like?