Eighteen-foot shark spotted in Morro Bay

August 4, 2014

sharksharkA fisherman spotted a shark estimated to be about 18 feet long at the mouth of the Morro Bay harbor on Friday.

The report marked the fourth shark sighting in San Luis Obispo County in a span of less than one month. Shark sightings occurred in both Oceano and Pismo Beach on July 5 and in Avila Beach on July 20.

The shark that appeared in Oceano took a bite out of a surfboard while a surfer was riding it. The surfer escaped unscathed.

Officials estimated that the shark that bit the surfboard was only about eight feet long.

Morro Bay harbor patrol officers posted warning signs about Friday’s shark sighting around the embarcadero. The warning will remain in effect until Wednesday.

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“Eighteen-foot shark spotted in Morro Bay”

Good! now spread some tarter sauce on some of those filthy smelly noisy seals and ring the dinner bell.

turn the Panga Boats loose on them

I kayak there all the time. From now on I guess I had better wear an adult diaper because I know exactly what I’ll do if I see an eighteen foot shark coming at me.

“you need a bigger boat”

Maybe Parkinson’s Navy can boot this shark back to NYC where they belong!