The facts as I see them

August 25, 2014


Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon. (Revelation 13:11)

Sleep is difficult when your breathing sounds like a door opening and closing in a haunted house. I can’t make up my mind if it’s being caused by Cesium 137 from the Devil Canyon Atomic Reactor a scant six miles from my bedroom window, or dander from the dog sleeping next to me in my bed. Whatever it is, it feels like my sinuses have jumped into the octagon with my allergies for a one-round bout that lasts from bedtime ‘till morning. I’m wondering what’s going to happen when Cesium 134 from Fukushima starts arriving in earnest. Sea stars melting, no rain, red tides, nukes- and that’s just the good news.

So let me get to the real point of this piece: the giant demon with horns like a goat that burned in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010. Although it’s long gone underwater by now (along with enough COREXIT 9500 to atomize and sink oil, keeping anybody from taking aerial photos of oil slicks that might have been used against BP in court), that’s not what’s important. What’s important are the ‘eco-voters’ tired of the Bush/Cheney cabal, who thought they were saving the world by voting for President Obama.

Then came Obama’s big speech at an Air Force Base in Maryland replete with a big American flag and U.S. fighter jet as a backdrop, and did he ever let us have it. Calling it an ‘olive branch to big oil,’ Obama opened up the entire eastern seaboard of the United States to oil drilling, spilling, killing and seismic testing with 260 decibel air canons- all in the birthing basket of the endangered Northern Right Whale.

But that’s not all; he also announced more and deeper drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the opening to deep water drilling in two seas in the pristine waters of the Arctic. A mere 20 days after this speech, this ‘olive branch’ as it were, the Gusher blew at British Petroleum’s Macondo Well in the Gulf of Mexico. Sure, it was a few years ago now, and sure, we’re back in there drilling spilling and killing again, but we have learned a lot too.

We learned that BP and the Coast Guard burned a lot of sea turtles. We learned that we virtually wiped out important spawning grounds for two of the world’s most endangered species, the Whale Shark and Blue Fin Tuna. We learned porpoises in the area are now very prone to heart attacks. And we learned that BP is spending most of their energies fighting payouts they promised to folks affected by the Gusher. We also learned about 29,000 oil wells in the Gulf –all leaking- that belong to we know not whom. We don’t know whose they were, where the owners went, or what can or ever will be done about them. However, permission has already been granted to big oil to continue drilling new ones, likely to be abandoned, forgotten, and orphaned sometime in the future. And even all that is just the tip of water that once was the tip of an iceberg.

Oil also means endless war, and we’re bombing Iraq, again. And storms are getting worse. Lung capacity of inner city children is decreasing, and asthma increasing. Yet the misguided activists are fighting against fracking, at a time they should be fighting against oil. In case you’ve been on Mars for ten years, fracking is a technique that allows greedy oil companies show that their greed is even worse than you originally thought. They take dead, dying, or near-dead oil wells and force massive amounts of water, acid and unknown, unnamed chemicals into those wells in hopes more oil can be squeezed out.

Now, I’m not sticking up for this hideous practice, but I do know one thing- fracking is not what we should be focusing on. Simply put, there are no good ways to destroy the atmosphere. It is oil we must stop, not how it is procured from the bosom of Mother Earth.

Some geniuses like to tell you the Earth is too big to fail. “It’s a big planet” they say. But I like to think of the planet as an egg. You don’t get to use the yolk and you don’t get to use the egg whites. You only get to use the shell. That is the atmosphere, aka ‘Troposphere.’ It really is a small and fragile womb, embracing life and supporting all living systems of Earth.

What we are doing is taking carbon out of the ground where it has safely been sequestered for hundreds million years and pouring it into the atmosphere, a puzzling form of planetary self-ecocide.

Who, I wonder, was the bright bulb came up with that?

I don’t care how much cesium, terrorism, or water-intensive factory farms we may encounter; the continued use of oil will kill us just as surely as an all-out nuclear exchange. In fact, the oceans are already becoming acid. Think about it- should we be fighting on a million different fronts, or is the real emergency to wrest control of our military, government, and economy from the beast with horns like a goat? The Pentagon is BP’s #1 customer! It’s time to stop worshipping troops and dismantle the military instead. There is still time to save ourselves.

As of 2015, no car dealerships should be allowed to sell anything but all-electric cars, and all American rooftops should have solar panels. The world looks to the USA. And they will follow.

Joey Racano is an environmental activist and a CalCoastNews contributor.


The facts are the facts. Our opinions are “as we see” facts.

The author conviently forgot to take into account that almost half of the lifetime carbon dioxide emissions from an electric car come from the energy required to make the car – particularly the battery. It takes far more energy to produce an electric car (estimates of around 30,000 lbs of carbon-dioxide emission) than to make a conventional car (14,000 lbs co2).

The car gets recharged using electricity, the majority of which is produced by fossil fuels.

Ah, the circle of life. It all seems to lead back to oil – the lifeblood of allah!


If the energy to produce all cars, and to charge all electric cars came from non-carbon producing sources (wind, solar etc.), would you be OK with that?


In a perfect world…yadda yadda yadda. Most people like to eat, and to eat you have to pay for food, so you have to have a job, and you need to get to that job, and how do you do that? Drive, right? Sheesh.


Hi Joey…

Long in platitudes…as usual…

You say: “As of 2015, no car dealerships should be allowed to sell anything but all-electric cars, and all American rooftops should have solar panels.”

So, I just have to ask: Do you still enjoy driving your $100,000, 60 foot motor home that’s sitting in your driveway to Eco meetings ?

You say it runs on Bio fuel, but I believe you can burn regular fuel in it also?

If I could afford one, I most certainly would own one of them.

I personally don’t think electric or solar are the answer to our long term energy problems and I don’t have any answers to fixing the problem, except to say: “drill baby drill.”

As far as all-electric cars go what do you do with all that hazardous battery acid, and how is it cleaned up after an accident.




How about the batteries from electric cars?


U.S. Energy Consumption

• Coal 39%

• Natural Gas 27%

• Nuclear 19%

• Hydropower 7%

• Other Renewable 6% • Biomass 1.48%

• Geothermal 0.41%

• Solar 0.23%

• Wind 4.13%

• Petroleum 1%

• Other Gases < 1%

If we eliminate 'drilling' we take away 28% of U.S. Energy Production. We take away gas/diesel for all automobiles, trains, airplanes etc. and replace with Electric Fuel Cars U.S. Energy Production will need to be increased 20%? 30%?

Thus we make up our new deficit of 48% by increasing solar?


How does the neo-Luddite reconcile the fact that oil is made by Mother Earth, and probably made to allow us to prosper?

Where does the Anarchist think electric power comes from?

Things die all the time: birds by the thousands at solar plants and windmill farms. What about them?

Does the Blindered One know that Rachel Carson is still killing children in Africa? That the ban on DDT allows malaria to run amok, slaying thousands of innocents unnecessarily?

Does the Dreaming One believe that, without defense, the Caliphate will not take over and cut off his, and all of his co-religionists’, heads?

Environmental activism is another way of expressing a very naive and ignorant hatred for humanity, nature, and God.


Why are you trying to turn the ship? God wouldn’t have put that iceberg there if He didn’t want us to hit it!


And electric cars get their power from the asses of fairy unicorns.

Wind power is a joke but I’m okay with solar panels and indeed, if every home had their own solar powered units, individuals would be free from the need of power companies, who are in the pocket of Big Gov. By the way, Eco-Leftists are already gearing up for a fight with solar panels killing animals.

In any case, there is so much natural gas (which is three times cleaner than gasoline) in the U.S., I’d much rather us leave the Mid East to eat its own and in-turn be powered by our own energy. Let the rest of the world come to us for their energy … because we have it in bucket fulls.

Nuclear is the big bad boogie man – until facts are laid out. I’d just as soon have nuclear plants than coal, natural gas or even hydro-electric power.

I know, they all make population, so the answer is, lets get back to nature … and burn fires like they did 1,000 of years ago – that ought to make the air better.

What did the Native Indians call the Los Angeles Basin? The Valley of Smoke.


plastic. got some thoughts there?

Rich in MB

And where oh where pray tell is all that evil electricity for those electric cars going to come from Amigo….hint….evil Carbon based fuels. Your very solution shows your ignorance to the very issue you lay out through your hyerventalating. The Eco-Voters are Bozo Voters. Thank for the confirmation.


He DID mentioned solar panels, didn’t he not? Countries like Germany e.g. has reached as much as half their electric generation via solar, and wind, hydro power. They are turning the switch to “OFF” on Nuclear.

You know, there’s that bothersome, long-lasting waste-disposal problem with spent fuel. We just can’t get around to do, nobody wants to address, solve.

Speaking of solar, there are several fully functioning solar power plant in Mojave:

Hope this answers, gets you up on facts.


Germany is one of the largest consumers of energy in the world.In 2009, it consumed energy from the following sources:

Oil 34.6%

Bituminous coal 11.1%

Lignite 11.4%

Natural gas 21.7%

Nuclear power 11.0%

Hydro- and wind power 1.5%

Although Germany does not really have a very sunny climate, solar photovoltaic power is used massively (4% of annual electricity needs).

So, really, willnose, you need to do your homework.


Energy consumers:

China is #1, America is #2. Germany #6. (World Factbook).

Germany’s energy production averages 27% from renewables (mostly wind & solar). 5/12/2014, 74% of their energy came from renewables.

America averages 13% production from renewables. (Bloomberg)

Interesting facts.