Four people murdered in Goleta

August 12, 2014

tape 1UPDATE: Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested a 46-year-old man who is suspected of murdering four people and a dog in Goleta. The victims died from multiple stab wounds. A press conference planned for Tuesday morning was canceled to provide time for authorities to notify the victims’ next of kin.

ORIGINAL: A murder suspect is in custody after four people and a dog where found dead Tuesday morning in a home in Goleta. [KCOY]

Santa Barbara Sheriff deputies went to a call at a house on the 600 Block of Walnut Park Lane near the Walnut Park Elementary School early Tuesday morning. Deputies found four people and the dog dead inside the home.

Deputies arrested the suspect. A press conference is planned for later this morning.

CalCoastNews will provide more information on the murders as it becomes available.


Terrible thing that happened,here we have someone that went off the deep end for some reason and decides to wipe out the rest of the family,can we say mental problems.

Where are all the feel goods at,no one screaming about banning knives,but I’ll bet some nut job would be screaming if the dog had been shot instead of stabbed.


Some “nutjob” going on about banning knives, that’s you.

No one takes those talking points seriously.


The silence is deafening from the mainstream media about how we should now ban knives.


Don’t feed the gun trolls.

No one takes those way overused talking points seriously.


There are lots of us that take those “overused talking points seriously.” That is why you anti-gun “trolls” have so much trouble getting your way. I agree that they have become cliches and that people like you disregard them for that reason.

However, there is truth behind them and that is why you keep hearing them. We have heard the same arguments being made with only minor variations over the last few decades and we may have fallen into the trap of responding in an manner that is as boring as the repetitious fallacies that we are fighting. Maybe you could give THAT concept some serious consideration and actually debate the points being made instead of ignoring them in an arrogant, condescending manner.

While you are at it, don’t make the mistake of generalizing all “pro-gun” types as accepting the most radical and embarrassing statements of a few of us. Leave the “strawman” argument tactic to media pundits like Limbaugh, Hannity, Maddow and Matthews. (This presumes you are interested in a productive discourse rather than just preaching to the choir or trolling.)


A DOG!!?? That guy is sick!


Schizophrenia. These crimes don’t seem to inconvenience people too much though; or they would be on fire for better mental health care.


It’ll sure be nice when we get all the knives off the streets. Oh no wait, this’ll bring out the mental health crew. This is so sad all the way around.