Cambria man sentenced 65 years to life for child molestation

August 12, 2014

Prison razor wireA 57-year-old Cambria man received a 65 years to life prison sentence Monday for repeatedly molesting a boy. [Tribune]

In July, a San Luis Obispo jury convicted Ronald John Cowan of five counts of child molestation. Cowan, who suffered a brain injury in an accident in the 1990s, is believed to have sodomized a boy who is now 6-years-old.

The child was two when the molestation allegedly began.

Cowan gained access to the child by befriending the victim’s family and bringing them cash and gifts. Prosecutors said the boy’s mother was addicted to drugs and trusted Cowan as a grandfather-like figure to the boy.

A foster parent reported the allegations of sexual abuse in 2012 after the child described his experience of sleeping in Cowan’s bed. During the trial, the boy testified, and Cowan smiled and winked at him while he was on the stand.

Judge Jacquelyn Duff gave Cowan the maximum sentence for his conviction, despite his lingering brain injury.


Pedophiles either groom the parents (as in this case) and the child (to not “tell”) or they strike suddenly and murder the victim so there is no one to tell. This little boy will likely have problems the rest of his life; addiction, perhaps a personality disorder or even PTSD. This is the essence of evil.


Joycelyn Elders got fired for talking honestly about how to socially integrate sexualized children, the actual physical abuse is often later compounded by societies prevalent attitudes about sex.


Wasn’t there someone who worked for the City of SLO named Cowan.


Personally I think all child molesters should get 65 yrs in prison and it should be in the general population, not kept separate from other prisoners.