King City manager accused of wiretapping

August 25, 2014
Dennis Hegwood

Dennis Hegwood

The city manager in King City is accused of spying on city employees including Interim Police Chief Dennis Hegwood, who was formerly the Atascadero Police chief. [KSBW]

In February, King City’s longtime former police chief, Nick Baldiviez, and then acting police chief, Bruce Miller, were arrested along with four other officers under charges of bribery, embezzlement and making threats. As part of their investigation, Monterey County Sheriff deputies bugged City Manager Michael Powers.

Powers, who faced intense scrutiny following the arrests, brought in Hegwood to lead the police department.

Now, Powers is under investigation for allegedly bugging phones and recording conversations of Hegwood. Before the arrests of the former chief, Hegwood had assisted in an internal affairs investigation into King’s City’s police department.

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The City Manager of King City is trying to impersonate the self-appointed King of Paso Roibles, Jim App.

Why this photo for the story? A spy vs spy cartoon would be more appropriate.

The city can record calls made on the phones it owns and pays for. It is the same as the city can monitor emails and mail, or put video cameras inside the city’s offices and work places.

Video cameras are okay unless you are having “tea” in your A.G. city manager’s office late at night with a subordinate who’s husband is looking for her, but really nothing happened……..

The city can record calls, but where confidential criminal investigations are being discussed the city manager, a non peace officer, does not have a right to listen in. The chief could tape all the phones and listen in, that is standard practice, but a civilian regardless of title or position does not have the right to listen in.

Think about this:

Chief Hegwood is having a conversation with the district attorney or the FBI over criminal allegations against the city manager. Still think the managers gets to listen in?

Recording video doesn’t have to include the audio. Haven’t I seen stories where some perv set up a video camera in a restroom or such and police scrambled to figure out if a law was actually broken?, and if I recall it had something to do with the fact it was video only, without audio.

Obviously raise the salaries of everyone involved because if we don’t pay a lot we will these “Best and the Brightest” to other areas

If they don’t pay their entitlement-mentality bureaucrats far more than they are worth, the organized-crime thugs of the SEIU will throw a fit.

Like I said…it’s something in the water.

Promote him to the federal government. He has obviously got what it takes!

Well, if Brother Hegwood plays his cards right he should get a nice little settlement for this. Gary Hoving got around 600K after Sheriff Hedges bugged his office. Chief Hegwood: Call the offices of Michael P. Stone (626) 683-5600, he specializes in these types of cases.

wire tapping perhaps?