Oceano house fire burns ice cream trucks

August 22, 2014

fireA fire broke out Thursday at an Oceano home where a family operates a local ice cream business. [KSBY]

Shortly after noon, a backyard shed caught fire outside a home near the corner of 23rd and Beach streets. Five Cities firefighters responded and found a shed engulfed in flames and two vans that had also burned.

Fire officials say the family living in the house has a home-based ice cream business called El Payaso II. They produce candy and ice cream and use the vans that burned to sell the treats.

Thursday’s fire spread into the house, but firefighters saved the home from destruction. The blaze damaged some of the home’s windows and caused the edges of the roof to burn.

The family did escape safely from the house, but the fire has put them out of a home temporarily. The Red Cross is assisting them in acquiring shelter.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but fire officials say that the fiberglass roof on the backyard shed caused flames to spread quickly.

In all, the fire caused approximately $80,000 of damage.


What a shame. They were just trying to make a living and now this. So sorry.