County staff says scrap Pirate’s Cove plans

August 22, 2014

Pirate's CoveSan Luis Obispo County planning staff is recommending that the board of supervisors ditch a proposed $1.5 million upgrade to San Luis Obispo County’s lone nude beach.

County staff had previously planned to use grant funding to pave a dirt parking lot on a bluff above the beach and to improve a trail down to the cove. The project also would have included adding a restroom and signs to the area.

But, in July, the California Coastal Commission rejected nearly all of the proposed improvements. Several local residents had previously appealed the project, saying it was unnecessary.

Due to the Coastal Commission’s initial rejection, it is unclear whether the county can maintain grant funding for the project. The county could still amend the project and submit another permit application to the Coastal Commission.

It could also construct a small portion of new trail that the commission has already approved.

County staff says there is too much uncertainty, though, regarding funding of the Pirate’s Cove upgrades.


The Coastal Commission is ignoring the impact of the erosion from the dirt parking area and all of the toxic automotive fluids that drip into the soil. They should really be renamed the We Don’t Want You to Use the California Coast Commission.


Erosion of the coastline is exactly right. Anyone who has lived her more than 20 years might remember that Cave Landing Road used to run along the cliff from Pirate’s Cove to Shell Beach. The road was closed in the early 90’s to vehicles but you could walk it or ride your bike on it. Today if you view the area you see massive erosion tha has taken out about 75 to 100 yards of land including the road. Eventually the same fate will occur to Pirate’s Cove if left “unimproved”. Now I thought the county buying the property was a stupid move for the reasons we have seen; the coastal commission would balk at anything that would change the area. The county should simply close the vehicle access altogether to mitigate vehicle pollution in the lot and put in hiking and biking paths as the means to get there. Nature lovers of all stripes will expend the effort to get their, while the hoodlums who sometimes frequent the parking lot will not.


Are they trying to strip the people of all their fun?


shucks. oh well, give them a panga boat to get there

Rich in MB

Or course they are, you can see all the Nudiests you want in Arroyo Grande City Government, who needs to goto Pirate’s Cove!