Santa Maria cracking down on library misbehavior

August 20, 2014

LibraryThe city of Santa Maria has instituted a one-strike rule at its public library, in which misbehavers will face immediate bans of up to one year. [KSBY]

On Tuesday evening, the Santa Maria City Council voted 4-1 to change its library punitive system from a three-strikes approach to a no tolerance policy. Beginning in mid-September, any library patron who creates a public nuisance by way of confrontational, violent, dysfunctional or harassing behavior may receive of notice of exclusion for the library.

Santa Maria library staff has complained of having to cope with rowdy behavior and library users who bring large bags into the building, causing safety hazards.

The council tabled a second section of the ordinance Tuesday that would have prohibited patrons from bringing belongings into the library that are too large to fit under a chair. The council tabled the proposed rule after it generated outcry from members of the public.

Speakers during public comment said the proposed large bag prohibition discriminated against the homeless and denied them access to the library.

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Give Librarians the tools they need to keep our libraries, safe, free of ‘big bags’ , behavior that disrupts patrons, children and makes the librarians/workers uncomfortable. Next we will need law enforcement present at our libraries! What a shame.

Libraries have become a hangout for the homeless bums that do not wish to sleep in the park all day. What is ironic is that you would think these filthy bums would at least read a book or two while spendingg 12 hrs at a time, but they don’t. They just loiter and cause problems.

I am not a homeless advocate at all, the degenerate drunks, addicts etc I avoid like the plague…everything they touch turns to trash. How some of them ever got out of the men’s colony escapes me?

That said this is a complex issue, it is symptomatic and reflective of the rest of the culture.

I was honorably discharged from the Military, with two meritorious promotions etc. I went to College with an 8th grade education and got a four year degree. I have a work history (with some holes in it), I have worked hard. There was a decline to state medical issue in my background, that I don’t like to think about…I never got a damn dime of disability or anything else.

Although, I could not justify it if I wanted, I have studied some of the toughest of the tough: Greek, Sanskrit, Avestan, etc

I don’t wear it on my sleeve, I don’t hide behind any: prop, cover, label, the little children, or any thing else.

I have done nothing to: pollute, corrupt, scum up, levelise, the culture.

I have been homeless for decades. I am going to do what it takes to pursue my interests. I don’t know who you are? If you are going to refer me as a “filthy bum” say it to myself, no need to be coy.

Perhaps he was referring to the “degenerate drunks” you referenced in your opening statement?

That would make him psychic or what?

No telling who this is, he could be one of the Prado Day Care Alumni himself.

They, will get some of them their monthly “nut” check and into one of those cheap hotel rooms downtown and all of the sudden they are the upper crust of SLO Society. Or, they get their checks and whoop it up, 8 days later they are broke again, while those who would have a legitimate use for those resources don’t get a damn thing.

I personally don’t want anything from the community, other than some unique challenges from time to time, I’m pursuing my interests and getting it done.

Are you using a library computer?

Just dropping in here to comment on the audacity of people who feel they can act out and demonstrate any sort of emotional response in a public place. Let’s make it clear that if any behavior at all surfaces that looks out of the normal prototype range….ask your doctor for help in this area. There are medications for that, but it is best to treat emotions of any sort that may surface and cause disobedience. Meantime….back to the Martial Law Lab Experiment in Ferguson, Missouri…..

“any behavior at all surfaces that looks out of the normal prototype range…”

I get it it, it is a Public Library, but what the hell is that? You’re some kind of clinical Psychologist? The thought police? The emotion Police?

I have been around, I have a background and experience in the behavioral sciences. In general, I will take any day someone venting their spline over some of these silent, ferret, cockroach types, are you kidding me? Appearances can be deceptive, but some of those are the most evil, vile, specimens on the planet.

“Martial Law Lab Experiment in Ferguson, Missouri….” Again what the hell is that? I lived next door to Ferguson ( the Marine corps brought me to California, I’ll go damn where where ever I want). The core of that is a hundred or so childish street scrubs seeking recognition and attention. Maybe you have some control issues? Is that bull crap in Ferguson providing you with some sort of gratification? Maybe yo need to work on those med’s?

“You’re some kind of clinical Psychologist?”

“Maybe you have some control issues?”

“Is that bull crap in Ferguson providing you with some sort of gratification? ”

“Maybe yo need to work on those med’s?”

Less about other commenters, much much less.

? or !

I am a psychologist. That was exceptionally accurate. Are you psychic?

Strange that this is even necessary.

“any library patron who creates a public nuisance by way of confrontational, violent, dysfunctional or harassing behavior may receive of notice of exclusion for the library.”

doesn’t sound politically correct

Once upon a time a Library was a place of silence, tranquility, study, reflection etc. that was then this is now. The classic concept of a Library maybe obsolete, might as well be lounges.They are reflective of the state of the culture in general.

I do not expect perfection, but I have complained about the Downtown SLO Library more times than I can count. I’m a reasonable person, it is small, obsolete, centrally located whereby God knows what walks in the place. It has innate limitations. I do not expect a Librarian to perform the function of a security guard. I have filled out the little forms, I have been “escorted” out of the County Supervisors building several times. The County Courthouse once (I was going to sue them). Evidently this Adam Hill was to busy courting Dee Torres and crying tears over the homeless to perform his function as a Supervisor and Supervise the place. One example from among many: When the neighbor of the previous Library Manager is given a special prerogative to annoy and distract others and almost unlimited time on a computer, robbing my of my use, enjoyment, and time on a computer…you step in and Supervise Got It! I could go on ad nauseam, but it’s not worth a stroke.

I would not know about present conditions in the SLO Library, I myself have been ejected, good riddance. There has been a change in management and a consulting firm was paid thousands of dollars (could have consulted with me for free). Hopefully, I can assume some changes for the better. I will not step foot in the place to find out.

The “stake holders” of the community can privatize the place for all I care, it’s all yours.

Are patrons allowed to bring their shopping carts into the library?

Sort of gives a nice, ironic flavor to the phrase from Hawaii 5O, “book ’email, Dano”.

Edit. That was “book ’em, Dano!”