CHP officer recorded punching woman in the head on freeway

September 25, 2014

CHP@The California Highway Patrol is paying out $1.5 million to a 51-year-old great-grandmother who was punched in the head repeatedly by an officer on a Los Angeles freeway. [Huffington Post]

On July 1, Marlene Pinnock was walking on an Interstate 10 on ramp near La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles for an unknown reason. CHP Officer Daniel Andrew chased her down, threw her to the ground and punched her several times in the head.

A passerby recorded the incident.

“He grabbed me, he threw me down, he started beating me, he beat me,” Pinnock said. “I felt like he was trying to kill me, beat me to death.”

A CHP investigator initially said that Pinnock resisted arrest by pushing Daniel, who was trying to keep her from oncoming traffic.

But, Daniel has since resigned, and the CHP has agreed to create a special needs trust to pay for Pinnock’s long-term health care.


Thank God for honest citizens with video cameras.


Likely she has PTSD. The bad part is that seeing an officer in uniform and the level of violation of trust involved will likely be a constant trigger for her. Thank goodness for the bystander that filmed this. So tragic, and probably preventable. Perhaps the police, sheriff and CHP needs a better psychological screening process.


Government jackboots need to be personally accountable for their actions.


Just another travesty of justice. He should be in prison. If a normal citizen beat a person this way we would be in jail. Too many stories of cops running amok with no repurcussions. Why should the tax payers pay for this….., disgusting!


a law should be passed that police can personally sued for their actions. you would see a more discretion in the use of force.


All your judgments are being made based on an edited video and an article that makes it sound as if the officer ran down some poor innocent grandma and beat her for no reason. There is FAR more to the story. Here are a few facts: 1. There were numerous 911 calls that an irrationally acting woman was running in and out of traffic on the freeway, nearly getting hit and nearly causing numerous accidents. 2. The officer who arrived on the scene attempted to talk to the lady and she screamed “white devil” at him and attempted to run back into traffic. 3. Witnesses reported that she appeared to be on drugs-we know that a woman can have near superhuman strength depending on what drugs she was on. 4. The officer, after witnessing this psychotic behavior, and fearing she was out of her mind, tackled her to keep her from running back into traffic. 5. Instead of just peacefully lying there, she repeatedly tried to get up. 6. Knowing that her life was in danger AND his if a wrestling match ensued(keep in mind the psychotic behavior), he attempted to subdue her in the way he saw fit in an extremely stressful situation.

So, based on a few more facts, what do you say about it now?

I say the officer saved the woman’s life and got shafted for his efforts.

Mr. Holly

I agree that there are other facts to this story. Like the shooting in Ferguson. You had some doubt about that one until you saw the photos of the officer in the hospital who had been attacked. The press doesn’t usually show that side of the story. This was a loser all around as once again we will never know all of the facts. Yes, it certainly looks bad. Recently I watched a UTube video where a female, similar in size to this woman, literally beat the hell out of 5 men who were trying to restrain her. At times drugs give incredible physical power to some. The outcome is that it takes a superior power to overcome that.

The bottom line is that the CHP didn’t pay, we the taxpayers paid.


officer wilson was not in the hospital. those xrays and that story were all made up.


lol….was he trying to protect and serve or kill her, regardless of the facts is the question i have. its right there before you. what ever happened to protecting and serving?


Usually I side with the police, giving them the benefit of the doubt because of their near-constant exposure to dirtbags, loonies, etc.

But not this time, based on what I see on the video.

Officer Daniel is a piece of shit, and it is well he no longer has a uniform to hide behind.


He probably took an early retirement. They should take his retirement away. ANGER MANAGEMENT!


I was glad to see that the victim in this case got something for her beating by the CHP pig. Hopefully she will use the money to help set herself up financially for the rest of her life. As to the jerk pig, I’m thrilled that he was forced to resign but that was hardly suficcient punishment for what he did. By my thinking, he should have been fined, big time, like a half million dollars. Moreover, if he doesn’t have the money, any future earnings should be garnished until the fine is paid. Until there is a severe financial pain to the police pigs beating on citizens, it will continue to happen. If this jerk pig winds up in the poor-house or out on the streets, maybe he’ll think about the fun time he had beating up a black great-grandmother by the side of the highway! White trash in a cops uniform…ugh!


Taxpayers are always on the hook. We were going to pay either through a social service program (Medi-Cal, State Disability, SSI, etc.) or a settlement. At least we got rid of the officer because it appears this was inappropriate behavior of a law enforcement official!


Given the clarity of the video capturing the blows and the likelihood that a sympathetic jury would give away tens of millions, this is probably a win win for the lady and the taxpayers. in terms of the award. I make no comment on the blows themselves.

As to the officer resignation, many CHP officers go out on a 40% of salary flat rate disability payment, for LIFE. I have no idea if this short timer (hired 2012) will receive some settlement. You never know about these things. In the 1980’s, Hawthorne Police Department officer Pam Ragan clubbed an arrestee and received a big disability settlement (monthly but I don’t know if for life). The basis of her successful claim for money was that HPD had (I paraphrase) “failed to provide officer training in how to deal with stressful suspects and the human instinct to strike them”. Ragan is an old matter, but of interest here because there was considerable publication of the details and outcome.

Again, a mil and a half is probably a cheap prompt resolution for the lady and taxpayer after the unfortunate CHP incident. No trial, no mega lawyers fees.


but ” No Trial”, and so the officer takes no responsibility for his actions, and the taxpayers are on the hook again.


Well, yes kayaknut. You nailed it. His agency gives free license to bike thugs who wake babies and steal the public peace with noise, he gets off (so far without even arrest) for pounding instead of subduing a suspect clearly she’s a 5150, but the cops all get their pensions. You nailed it. Taxpayers lose. Babies lose. Cops get a pass, bikers get a pass, cops get big checks for misfeasance of duty. Gotta love it.

Last time I submerged my kayak for two hours, (due to too many meals at Lolo’s) it was a loud day on the Bay. Nobody cares.


And when was the last time you tried to ‘subdue” a psycho nearly as big as you on the side of a freeway with tones of metal rushing by? Didn’t think so. The officer saved the woman’s life and got shafted!


officer wilson was not in the hospital. those xrays and that story were all made up.