Car hits, kills person walking on Highway 101 in Santa Maria

September 25, 2014

ambulanceA pedestrian died on Highway 101 in Santa Maria Wednesday night after being hit by a vehicle driven by a Nipomo woman. [KSBY]

Around 9:05 p.m., the pedestrian appeared to be walking across the number one lane on the southbound 101 near Broadway in Santa Maria. A driver swerved to avoid the pedestrian, prompting the Nipomo woman to hit the brakes, according to the California Highway Patrol.

But, the Nipomo woman’s vehicle still collided with the pedestrian. The victim suffered major blunt force trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene.

No other injuries occurred in the crash.

CHP officers did not make any arrests and have yet to determine why the pedestrian was on the freeway. The incident remains under investigation.


Prepare to pay up, Santa Maria. You didn’t provide a proper crossing area, where fools are to be expected to cross a busy highway.

Get your court notes from Pismo Beach. They have lots of info for you.

Too bad this person didn’t work for KCOY. Big bucks would soon be in the family pocket…