District Attorney Shea stepping down early

September 24, 2014
Dan Dow

Dan Dow

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Gerald Shea announced Wednesday he will retire on Nov. 6. He has recommended the board of supervisors appoint District Attorney Elect Dan Dow to serve out his remaining two months.

“Over the past three and a half months, Dan and I have built a strong and seamless transition process which has enabled our office to move forward,” Shea said. “Giving him enough time to hit the ground running before the first of the calendar year is, in my opinion, in the office and the county’s the best interest.”

The early transition will give Dow time to name a new assistant district attorney, hire four new deputy district attorneys, and to adjust policies in response to significant criminal law changes that take effect Jan. 1, Shea added.

“Wendy and I are excited for Mr. Shea and his wife Allegra as they begin a new chapter in their lives and I wish them much happiness,” Dow said. “Mr. Shea has served our county diligently over the last 37 years and has provided long term stability as the district attorney for the last 16 years.”

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This says something to me about the Primary process and the LONG wait for the newly elected to continue to serve while the ousted suffers from “short-timers” and milks the position to the end. In the instant case, it’s not exactly that because Shea was leaving anyway, but I’m sure you know what I mean. (i.e. Patterson to Arnold, Lenthal to Hill transitions).

Not much you can do about it though. You need the time built in to the process because of the possibility of a run-off.

Can’t think of a better issue for Mr. Dow to start with than to pick the independent investigator for the A.G. cover-up.

While Shea is being gracious now, I still can’t wait for him to get hit in the butt by the door on the way out. When the completely falsified smear campaign started against Dow, Shea could have put a stop to it immediately by telling the TRUTH about what happened. Yet he chose to remain silent. No kudos for him.

This is such good news. We are so ready for Dan Dow to assume full leadership of the District Attorney’s office. Mr. Dow, welcome and Godspeed to you!

Thanks Dan, for quickly and personally responding (link) to the complaint letter sent to the D.A.’s office regarding the Arroyo Grande situation. I’ve never seen such a quick written response to a citizen complaint before from the D.A.’s office! It is wonderful to see you already being responsive to citizen concerns! Thank you!

Ya Kevin, Dan is a pro. He gives a darn about fellow citizens. We’re going to be extremely satisfied with the job he does as time passes.

Geez…who in the world would give a “thumbs down” to these posts? Oh well…

SLO County’s better off now that Mr. Dow is in office.

You ask who? Maybe one would be Covello and the other possibly someone in the Adam Hill-Dee Torres- Caryn Ray out to lunch bunch

I saw in another thread that someone mentioned no matter how many times they pressed “thumbs up” it still registered “thumbs down” for them. Maybe it is just a glitch.

As of last night, whenever I press like or dislike it registers as dislike.

I just tried it again a minute ago on your post and it continues to register divine when I press like.

And don’tchathink wish this site had an edit option, most quality sites do.

His letter was a great way for Dan to let Page and Tacker know that they were wasting his time.

If you knew Dan, you’d know that’s not even remotely true. He says what he means. If he’d been wanting to convey he thought it was a waste of time, he wouldn’t have included the last part.

Maybe if a check had accompanied their request…

We totally need Dan to step in and deal with the investigation in Arroyo Grande. All of the

council members have some connection, somewhere, meaning that if they choose the

investigator, it will neither be independent, nor impartial.

Good!!!!! So happy to have Dan Dow in there!

Did it hurt?

over all I think the DA office does a Fine Job,I have had dealings with Dan Dow, about a white collar crime… Mr Dow Called me when he was on Vacation time , everyone was so polite and nice! I feel sorry for the crooks in slo county..