Fire burns acre of riverbed in Paso Robles

September 12, 2014

calf fireA fire broke out Thursday evening in the Salinas Riverbed in Paso Robles and burned one acre before firefighters extinguished it.

Paso Robles firefighters responded to the blaze at 6:07 p.m. The fire ignited in the riverbed, and the wind blew the blaze toward the 13th Street Bridge.

Firefighters contained the fire at approximately 7:20 p.m. No injuries or structural damage occurred.

Emergency personnel closed South River Road between 13th Street and Navajo Road for several hours as firefighters wrapped up operations.

Cal Fire and Templeton firefighters also helped put out the blaze. A total of 23 firefighters participated in the response.

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It took TWENTY-THREE firemen to put out a ONE ACRE fire?! $$$$$

I have noticed of late that every little incident gets a huge response and they make a ton of noise along the way…

It’s kind of like “let everybody not forget about us” and “we need more money to buy our toys”!

BTW, as for the river bed, let it burn a while. It’s over grown and full of debris of all kinds, including the human kind.

Agreed, whoowhoo.

And while I was glad to see the stationhouse guys actually working instead of shopping at Albertson’s AGAIN…23 firefighters was total overkill in that situation.

@pasoparent5 – are you aware of the shifts that our fire guys work? Since

they are at the stationhouse for several days at a time, they need to shop for

their food, etc – suggest you cut them some slack.

@kettle – great comment in regard to response level, with the high heat, low

humidity and windy days, it wouldn’t take long for a 1 acre fire to turn into a

major disaster.

No, it took 23 firemen to make sure the 1 acre fire did not become a 10 acre fire.

But if you want to pretend 1 truck is enough to deal with a unknown vegetation fire, it is ok.

Imagine the outrage had had this fire burned out of control. What you only sent 5 guys?

The animal burner is in jail. Maybe a homeless camp cooking dinner

Or those pesky hobos from Nipomo.

Stock photo?

Where is the animal burner?