Former Countrywide CEO developing in Templeton

September 14, 2014
Angelo Mozilo

Angelo Mozilo

The former CEO of the largest mortgage lender in the United States has moved to the Central Coast and is currently working on building a retail and office building in Templeton.

Four years ago, former Countrywide Financial Corp. founder Angilo Mozilo made an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission to pay $67.5 million in fines and to accept a lifetime ban from serving as an officer or director of any public company. Last month, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles noted plans to sue him, according to Bloomburg.

Mozilo, 75, was born in New York, the son of a butcher. In 1969, he founded Countrywide Credit. In 1984, Mozilo sold $406 million in Countrywide stock.

In 2008, CNN listed Mozilo as one of the top 10 “Culprits of the Collapse.” At the time, many blamed Mozilo for the subprime mortgage crisis.

Mozilo now lives in a 12,692-square-foot home in Santa Barbara and also has a vacation house near Lake Nacimiento.

Currently, Mozilo, who earned more than $500 million from 1999 to 2008, is investing in the market and real estate.

Mozilo has requested permits for a project in Templeton. He is planning to build a two-story retail and office building on a vacant lot. Architectural sketches depict Templeton’s quaint, western style.

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Angilo Mozilo County Supervisor appoints self as new County Administrator. Mr. Mozilo brings decades of experience with him. He is familiar with high finance, management and institutional services.

In 2008, CNN listed Mozilo as one of the top 10 “Culprits of the Collapse.” The top 9 all being the US government.

One of the biggest swindlers in American history. He should be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff.

Oh no, no. What is it about the central coast that attracts these people?

The unknowing county planning department staff.

“The complicit county planning department staff”. Fixed.

he is good friends with “tony ferrara”……next stop A.G.

Well, heck, San Luis Obispo County is known as the most corrupt county in the state; it makes sense, he should fit right in!


He should fit right in with Gearhart, Guth, Moriarity, Jarmin and all of the other gangsters around here.

Maybe he could pay Cal Poly to put HIS name on the scoreboard.

Much like Ebola and Resnick, Mozilo is something you gotta stop before it spreads!

His Uncle Louie works in concrete…..

Hey, if Mozilo is looking to invest all that money, then somebody should put him in touch with Al Moriarty.

I read the tribune article about al’s victims on Sunday. It seemed from reading the article that he still doesn’t think he did anything wrong – either an incredibly stubborn liar or a true sociopath.