Kayaker airlifted off coast of Montana de Oro

September 2, 2014

helicopterAn emergency crew airlifted a kayaker trapped off the coast of Montana de Oro on Monday afternoon. [Tribune]

Lompoc resident Guy Harvell, 43, abandoned his kayak after overturning it shortly after noon Monday. Harvell then clung to a rock about 50 feet offshore from Montana de Oro for nearly an hour.

Large waves washed over the kayaker and nearly threw him off the rock, rescuers said.

A CHP helicopter rescue team airlifted Harvell from the rock to a nearby bluff. Emergency responders then cleared him to go home.

The rescue crew also retrieved Harvell’s kayak from the water. The kayak had the words “Barely Floatin” painted on the side.


I was there as well-

video of the helicopter rescue posted here:


A fisherman on kayak was dashed onto one of the top 10 most dangerous shorelines in the USA, Montaña de Oro State Park. Air (California Highway Patrol) and Sea Rescue (Harbor Patrol, Coast Guard) and local Fire and rescue staff were on site. The kayaker managed to cling to the craggy rocks with a pounding surf, but didn’t have the strength to climb up the bluffs to safety. The kayaker is presumably safe after the rescue.

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