Paso Robles man dies in Central Valley car crash

September 2, 2014

ambulanceA Paso Robles man died in a head-on collision Friday night in Fresno County, according to the California Highway Patrol. [Fresno Bee]

The Paso Robles man was driving a 1994 Mazda on Highway 33 near Coalinga when he veered out of his lane and into oncoming traffic. A vehicle heading north with five passengers, all of whom also came from Paso Robles, struck the Mazda.

Emergency responders airlifted the Mazda driver to a Fresno hospital, where doctors later declared him dead.

Each of the passengers in the other vehicle also suffered injuries. An ambulance transported them to Hanford Medical Center for treatment.

Officials have not yet released the name of the man who died. They identified the two adults in the other vehicle as Scott Martini, 33, and Roselle Martini, 32.

The Martinis and three children in the vehicle each suffered minor to moderate injuries.

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The DMV is a joke.

Illegal aliens can legally obtain California drivers licenses from the DMV without even proving who they are.

Its sad that illegal aliens are allowed to drive without insurance.

Illegal aliens have more rights than U.S. Citizens.

Training and knowledge of the law are not necessary to inform someone that driving head-on into oncoming traffic is a bad idea, it is intuitively obvious. Driver licensing does not prevent bad or plain old stupid driving habits, witness most 4-way stop sign intersections, cellphone/texting while driving, intentional tailgating, etc.

Driving without a license is only a problem from a revenue standpoint, not safety. It is virtually unheard of for someone to be unable to aquire said license due to lack of driving proficiency, yet a large margin of accidents are caused by the poor vehicle handling skills of their operators.

If you made the driving test hard enough to actually matter for safety (EVOC-style training) too many people would never be able to get a license, thus negatively affecting commerce, which is why you will not see that happen.

By the way, it is normal to not announce a deceased persons name publicly until their family is notified.

The CHP in Coalinga reported that the deceased victim (man who caused the accident) was driving without a driver’s license. Our local CHP refuses to give out this information (whether someone is driving without a license), and hiding this information is detrimental to the community. How do you correct problems if the causes are hidden from the public?

In January 2015, immigrants here illegally will be able to get driver’s licenses. This should help with the problem of people driving without licenses (training and knowledge of the law), but we the public should be given this kind of information from our CHP and other law enforcement entities so that we can see the benefits/non-benefits of the driver’s license program for illegals.