Los Osos woman victim of suspected homicide

September 30, 2014
Margay Edwards

Margay Edwards


The body of a 27-year-old Los Osos woman was discovered in a Nevada desert on Thursday, she appears to be the victim of a homicide.

Two men riding quads discovered the body of Margay Edwards in the desert off Hafen Ranch Road in Nye County. Her body was found about a half mile from the road on a dirt track.

Deputies found Edwards’ license on the body, however, her car and cell phone are still missing. Her body was in advanced stages of decomposition and it took four days to confirm it was Edwards.

The coroner’s office shipped Edwards’ remains to Texas for an autopsy, her family said. It is expected to take up to eight weeks to determine the cause of death.

Edwards was a graduate of Morro Bay High School. Last year, she attended San Diego State University on a full scholarship and returned home to Los Osos several months ago.

Her family last saw her on Sept. 12 in Los Osos and last heard from her on Sept. 14.

Edwards is survived by her father Jeff Edwards, her mother Insong Edwards, her stepmother Julie Tacker and her brother Jack Edwards.

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This puts things in perspective… spend a little less time in the office, complain about things a little less and be greatful for what you have, while you have it.


One day, a son asked his father “Why is it always the best people who die?”

The father replied, ‘Son if you are in a meadow which flowers do you pick? The worst ones, or the best?'”

My condolences to the family and loved ones.


I feel so bad for this girl. She is too beautiful. Why would she go to Nevada? (or Las Vegas) She should be studying in school at SDSU. I am half asian half european and I can identify with this lady whose dad is white and mother is asian. She was 27 years old yet she took off a semester to live in Nevada? How long has she been missing? Something about this story doesn’t add up. Did she go on a trip to Vegas recently? With who? Why? Lead investigators must be trying to figure this out. They need to check her cell phone records ASAP

Downtown Bob

Horrible news praying for the family and friends.


My daughter Amy grew up with Margay.School(kindergarten thru HS)Soccer mates,slumber parties..etc. I knew Margay as well(of course). This has saddened Amy&I deeply. I’m sending prayers of strength to Jeff&her mom. Know that she was beautiful inside&out. May u always know u were loved by many Margay. Rest in peace.


Why in the world would someone put a thumbs down on that comment? (gfears805) I hope her family are not reading this. Whoever you are you are a sick demented soul that needs help.

Sending much love and prayers to her family and friends.


To the Edwards family, my deepest condolences. Your many friends are here for you through this tragic turn of life.


I am so very sorry Julie. She is a beautiful young woman. My family’s prayers go to your family with heartfelt sadness. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything we can do for you and your family. My number is 805-710-0406. My email is makeschoolwork@gmail.com.