Man who died in San Miguel bar fight identified

September 10, 2014

The San Luis Obispo County coroner has identified the man who died in a San Miguel bar fight Sunday night as 54-year-old Alvaro Jaramillo Medrano.

Emergency responders found Medrano, a San Miguel resident, unconscious outside the Elk Horn bar around 11 p.m. An ambulance transported barhim to a local hospital, but doctors declared Medrano dead on arrival.

A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office press release issued Tuesday states that Medrano died during the fight Sunday. The exact cause of the death remains unclear, though, and autopsy and toxicology results are expected to take six to eight weeks to arrive.

The sheriff’s office has yet to make any arrests or release any names of suspects who could have been involved in Medrano’s death. Investigators are continuing to question those involved in the bar fight.

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Very sad news, best wishes to his family. Is this place known for being rough and tough? Was Mr. Medrano and his attacker legal residents?