Mountain lion snatches boy in Northern California

September 8, 2014

Mountain-LionA mountain lion attacked a 6-year-old boy on a Northern California hiking trail Sunday afternoon and dragged him through nearby brush. [SF Gate]

The boy was hiking with his family near a winery located in the Bay Area city of Cupertino. Family members came to the rescue and fought off the mountain lion, allowing the child to walk away without life threatening injuries.

After the attack, authorities closed nearby hiking trails and conducted a search for the mountain lion. But, officials have not found the animal.

Kurtis Stenderup, a spokesman for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, said it remains unclear why the mountain lion attacked the boy.

“I think it’s rare to have a mountain lion attack a person, let alone a child,” Stenderup said. “We’re going to look into it and figure out why that whole thing happened.”

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CA Dept of Fish and Game Director Bohnam and Fish and Game Commission President Sutton should be fired for not taking their jobs seriously and managing wildlife correctly. Both have allowed animal rights and the politically correct crowd to drive policy.


The MPA land grabs is one of the greatest frauds forced upon all of us in the name of “science”

Why do they have to kill it? It’s just doing what animals do, trying to survive. If you’all got hungry enough you’d snatch one of their kids to eat. Maybe she has kittens to feed.

As long as apex predators are protected ( white sharks and mountain lions), there are going to be interactions.

Call me over-cautious but I will not walk down to the pool at night without my big huge mean golden retriever and my gun. We live in the wilderness belt in Atrashcadero and try very hard to always walk softly and carry a big stick. And my gun. Mainly in the early evening.

We used to have 4 horses and we experienced the panic a big horse feels when there are

mountain lions around. I have seen it.

Blessings to all

Way to go Dad. The boy’s father counter attacked and drove away the big cat and rescued his son. That’s what fathers are supposed to do. Husbands are useful for car and lawn maintenance, standing up to criminals with guns or knifes, and fighting dangerous predators. When you had out a wedding ring, you agree to take the bullet.

Oh and let’s not forget boys and girls, you think this is interesting? Remember there are some out there campaigning for the reintroduction of both the Grizzly bear and the Grey Wolf back to California and with thousands more people in wilderness areas than 100 years ago? Amazing.

There is no reason not to reintroduce the wolf,bear bobcat, condor and bald eagle back to the wilderness. If folks can’t deal with it perhaps they should leave the wilderness alone instead making it a garbage dump. Those who have concerns can just stay in their RV’s

I totally agree with you, SanSimeonSam.

Due to many factors, our native apex predators are disappearing at a rapid rate. In addition to uncontrolled hunting in the past, contamination of their prey by humans who indiscrimanently using pesticides to control pests which are prey for apex predators is also causing stress on the apex predators.

Because of the other pressures, apex predators suffer more from droughts. They are forced to seek prey in areas which put them at risk…such as areas where they encounter humans.

We share the resources of our state with all who live here, including mountain lions and bear. So humans can help maintain the apex predator and human balance during periods of drought by being aware of the needs of other animals, including apex predators, and give them space to hunt for a dwindling prey population.

Yea easy to express sentiment of what you think you would do but I bet the first time one of them hauls off your cat, dog or worse yet a loved one, you’ll be singing a different tune.

I do not make available to predators the animals for which I am responsible.

I have read that it is cruel to keep your animals in the house all the time. Or keep them caged up. Better to stand watch with a shot gun. I mean that in the nicest way possible. God Bless