Shark spotted in Morro Bay

September 9, 2014

sharkA commercial fisherman spotted a 10-foot shark in Morro Bay Sunday, prompting the city’s harbor patrol to issue a shark warning. [KEYT]

The shark sighting was the second to occur in Morro Bay in a little more than a month. Another fisherman spotted an approximately 18-foot shark in Morro Bay on August 3.

Harbor Patrol officers responded to Sunday’s shark sighting by notifying people around the harbor and out on the water. The shark warning will remain in effect until Wednesday.

The shark spotted Sunday is believed to be white.

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A shark in the ocean? what’s next, cars on the freeway? Planes at the airport? Oh, where will it all end? When we brought back the seals and otters what did they think would happen? It’s a good thing, it means the ocean is healthy.

You know, it would be better for everyone if they just left the signs up permanently. If you WANTED to sight sharks in Morro Bay it would be ridiculously easy, just go looking for them. Warning people that someone that isn’t looking for them saw one is like warning people about meteorites because the local cop looked up at the right time and saw one. This is absolutely stupid and a waste of everyones time. In fact CCN should just go ahead and post a shark warning story every three weeks or so or whenever they need worthless content.

Hope the big white eats all the seals and other animals that are eating anything with a shell around it.

Go Big White!

Sick of this racial profiling….

As opposed to what? All the blacks, Asians, and Hispanics that make up the Morro Bay populace?


Unbelievable! Sharks spotted in the ocean.

Given that the shark was white could it be Mayor Jamie Irons swimming in the bay?

Much larger than him. Perhaps Carla?