Republican headquarters closed to some candidates

September 18, 2014

republicanSeveral candidates for Atascadero City Council are upset that staff at the new Republican Party headquarters on El Camino Real is currently only permitting incumbents to distribute campaign materials through the office.

The staff at the Republican headquarters told Atascadero City Council candidate Chuck Ward and mayoral candidate Charles Scovel, both registered Republicans, that they are not permitted to leave their brochures at the office. The Republican Central Committee is requiring Republican candidates to seek its approval at an up-coming meeting before being permitted to utilize their own party headquarters.

Currently, the office is only allowing incumbent mayoral candidate Tom O’Malley, and city council incumbents Brian Sturtevant and Heather Moreno to utilize the officer for their campaigns.


After reading missmuffets post I just wanted to say I totally agree with her. As a long time Atascadero resident and former Atascadero News subscriber I refused to renew my subscription because I couldn’t stomach Al Fonzi’s paranoid right wing ranting editorials. It became obvious to me the Atascadero News paper hit rock bottom and no longer was the “friendly small town newspaper” when they allowed this guy to spew his bile. But I understand. Print media is dying and I’m sure the Atascadero News was happy to get someone/anyone to write a weekly editorial.

Mr. Holly

What is interesting about all of this is that the Lincoln Club, a Fonzi led organization, the Republican Women with a Fonzi and Moreno involved, The ABA (a better Atascadero) is a Fonzi organization and now the Republican Headquarters another Fonzi led group.

Atascadero politics is a well organized greased machine that stinks. Is it any surprise to anyone who they have endorsed. These people are all socially connected and they treat Atascadero as their own little club. The incumbents brag that they are friendly to business although all voted for fee increases, that will certainly help bring business to town. They also accepted the garbage contract without going out to bid-certainly a deal for someone was made. They have a mayor who never saw a camera he didn’t like or an opportunity to filibuster at any event to glorify himself. But the bottom line is, what has he ever done to actually improve Atascadero besides promote himself that he is the best thing that has ever happened to Atascadero besides E.G. Lewis who he attempts to impersonate.

There is a reason why Scovell and Ward have been denied access to the Republican Headquarters, these people are scared that maybe their welcome has worn out and finally there are some very qualified candidates who want to take the city back to the people and eliminate Al Fonzi who may be the 6th member of the Atascadero council.


I was at a concert at the Lake this summer and heard a very interesting conversation from some folks about local politics. A gentleman in a wheelchair was asked about getting someone new to run for City Council, maybe he should go for it, and it immediately responded that “No No No, ‘they’ have chosen Heather Moreno and everyone needs to get behind her”. Someone suggested a change might be good and the guy in the wheelchair said they needed to support what TOM wanted and everything was already settled.

I thought, wow, that is how they play in Atascadero. Very interesting City! I have heard so many comments regarding Tom O’Malley, most negative, but seems no one wants to stand up to him. Obviously, now one learns Tom is the puppet to Fonzi???

Jorge Estrada



Ah man, I tell ya, these folks are fun to watch. A bunch of Teabaggers, religious extremists, racists, anti-women, anti-gay, pro-gun patriots. They can’t agree on anything because they are all too rigid, and backward thinking to ever form a cohesive unit. Very Sarah Palinish of them to establish a new GOP office in town based on exclusion….


Why is it when the left can’t articulate an argument against a conservative cause, they have to resort to name-calling?


Name calling? Just callin’ a spade a spade. I don’t really think I exaggerated about anything in my comment….I guess I could refer them them as members of the Tea Party instead of teabaggers…..

Extremely Stoic

You lost me at teabagger, I think the alternative lifestyle people would be offended.


The Tea Party is an all-inclusive American grassroots movement with the belief that everyone is created equal and deserves an equal opportunity to thrive in these United States where they may “pursue life, liberty and happiness”.

We also believe in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

How can one get more American than this? It boggles my mind how anyone can oppose the Tea Party.


the tea party is part of. a global anti tax movement funded by really big private businessmen

like the Koch’s and global tobacco. to disrupt effective democracy where ever it can

Fred Kock was from the extreme right wing john birch society. there are academic studies about the tea party funding conduits because of the dangers to democracy it,s ideology represents .


According to Atascadero News this mess was caused by Al Fonzi who is about as dishonest as it gets. The people involved in the Vets Memorial have come to see him as a lousmouthed bully … he is known as “my way or the highway Al” and now he is the the 5th district rep of the SLO County Republican Party. Guys like Fonzi caused me to leave the party and I am sure that more will do so and go Independant.

Fonzi is a fraud !!!!


Just unbelievable that candidates include O’Malley, Moreno and Sturtevant. REALLY – THOSE are your city leaders, people? Collectively, they’re dumber than a box of hammers. They suffer from Fox News of the brain! No wonder Atascadero never turned into anything…


The party giveth…and the party taketh away.


It appears a candidate would need the endorsement of the Republican Central Committee to have their literature available at the Atascadero Republican HQ. So goes the GOP!


Hmmmm….. another slow news day? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….