Truck crashes into Arroyo Grande house

September 2, 2014

BwgDCp_CEAACQJsAn old-fashion pickup truck crashed into an Arroyo Grande home Monday night. [KSBY]

Around 9 p.m., an short-bed Ford pickup swerved off the 900 block of Farroll Avenue in Arroyo Grande, crossed a lawn and slammed into the wall of a house. Neither the driver, nor the lone resident who was home at the time, suffered any injuries.

The truck damaged the exterior of the home but did not roll inside the house. A television adjacent to the damaged wall absorbed much of the blow.

Arroyo Grande police are investigating the crash but have not yet determined a cause.


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Good point. Flat screens don’t use the heavy lead metal to attenuate X-rays like the old CRT TV’s did. Perhaps the reporter meant that the flat screen suffered the worst of the deal, rather than that it absorbed some of the truck’s kinetic energy.

Also, what a shame to see a sweet older truck crunched in an accident. Maybe the single master cylinder hydraulic braking system failed. There are after market parts to upgrade classic vehicles to safer redundant twin systems. On the other hand, at a car show, a single un-boosted brake master looks way cool under the hood.


What effect did the FLAT SCREEN TV have in slowing the truck down?????