Two teens arrested for stabbing in Paso Robles drive-through

September 23, 2014
Daniel Flores

Daniel Flores

Paso Robles police arrested two North County teenagers for allegedly stabbing a man in a drive-through line Friday night.

Atascadero resident Tyler Dwayne McKinney, 18, and Paso Robles resident Daniel Flores, 19, are accused of attacking a 31-year-old man in a fast food drive-through in Paso Robles. The pair confronted the victim in his car, struck him and stabbed him, Paso Robles police say.

Police responded to the scene in the 100 block of Niblick Road at about 10:18 p.m. Friday. They found the victim with a stab wound to his forearm that required sutures.

The victim was treated at Twin Cities Community Hospital and released.

Special Enforcement Team detectives located the two suspects at a home in the 400 block of Helen Street in Paso Robles. The detectives recovered the knife used in the incident and took the pair into custody.

Tyler Dwayne McKinney

Tyler Dwayne McKinney

Investigators determined the crime to be gang related.

Both McKinney and Flores face charges of assault with a deadly weapon, criminal conspiracy and criminal street gang participation.

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Is McKinney any relation to the former Atascadero City manager Wade McKinney?

While some crime is down, gang activity is way up. Sonoma has gone from 1 gang to 20 in just 15-20 years. And how much crime goes unreported? Drug use is also through the roof, and who brings the drugs in across our southern border?

Premature balding can lead to violent outbursts.

Ah, there is a positive side benefit! That is a nice excuse.

Their parents must be so proud. Random violence against arbitrary victims must be punished to the full extent. Society cannot have this going on.

In Los Angeles, my neighbor once found a human finger in her garden. She was relieved that it was just from the Aero Mexico crash close by in Cerritos, however, I can think of 5-6 people I knew personally who found body parts hiking, found a body on the beach, etc, etc. My own husband was severely attacked on the way home from work when he inadvertently stopped for coffee in Compton. Existentially, we do not want to face the facts—it would jerk our comfort zone rug right out from underneath us, and believe me-people like their comfort zone. They want a society where the bad guys are locked up, the mentally ill are medicated with chemical straightjackets, and the homeless are tucked away out of our sight. We expect a world that is lovely as we skip down the primrose path in the Happiest City on Earth (ok, just the US…I got carried away).

Read the regular news. A man just killed all 5 of his children then drove around with them in plastic bags in the backseat for nearly 2 days. Another man got in a fight with his girlfriend and served her dog to her for dinner, and yet another man just beat his 2 year old to death for needing a diaper change, while another woman just took a bite out of a 2 year old at a daycare center. And the list goes on….and on…

Face it; our society did not “work”. We are in denial of this because the very concept is so frightening. In our current society, so many males are sexually molested (1 out of 6 [and 1 out of 4 girls] the last time I checked) and this evil is so destructive it can scar the psyche for life. The boys this happens to either act out or act in. We would be popping our little comfort bubble if we actually realized we have created a society of trauma-and that it is now showing up here in Happy Town. We need to admit our world has a dark underbelly that is out of control and way out of proportion to what would be considered a successful culture or civilization. That we are teetering on the edge of a society that is crumbling before our eyes. Spirituality is a void in our society. Respect is gone. Kids are hardcore like this everywhere today. And, it is getting worse every day. We need nothing short of a miracle.

You say that we don’t want to “face the facts.” But the FACTS are that crime is at its lowest rate since the 1960s. The FACT is that crime has been dropping for 15 straight years. The FACT is that the only reason for so much paranoia is because of TV News.

Is it down? Did “the experts” tell you this? What is your source? The very source that you label as the cause of “paranoia”?

FBI Uniform Crime Reports tell me this. The thing with media is this… the issue is not that they are blatantly lying or hide all information that doesn’t go with the message, it’s that the selectively REPEAT certain things over and over and this is what manipulates people’s thinking.

Here is just one article on the issue, from the Economist.

The only actual consistent correlation that has been found among countries with reduced crime rates is none of the items they talk about in this article, though, it’s removal of lead from gasoline and paint.

It is because of our gun culture that these horrible things happen.

Actually it’s because of the no daddy culture. Thank welfare for replacing the role of the father in lower socioeconomic households.

It sounds like you are interweaving theories with facts and calling them all facts. There are probably some truths to your spiel but I see a lot of generalizations without much to support them as such. I can understand the desire to improve our society but I want to make sure the changes are actually improvements and that the problems are bad enough to justify actions which could have other negative side effects.

Personally, I agree with MKaney that the facts (FBI crime stats, BTW) show that most crime is decreasing. It is the modern 24-7-52 sensationalist news media that makes it seem so much worse than it actually is. When all you see is bad news and ugly incidents and inflammatory claims, it is easy to lose perspective and think that things are worse now than ever. The truth is in between. The old days had plenty of problems but a much smaller media machine to trumpet them. In proportion to population, we have fewer problems now (in most cases) but they are the only thing we hear about because appeals to fear and other emotions are what grab peoples attention and attract advertisers.