Arsonist sets eight fires in San Luis Obispo

October 15, 2014

arsonFirefighters are searching for the arsonist responsible for at least eight fires set near Sinsheimer Park in San Luis Obispo early Tuesday morning.

At around 12:30 a.m., firefighters responded to a report of two fires burning near the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way just north of Orcutt Road. As firefighters battled the fires, additional blazes were reported.

San Luis Obispo’s fire marshal quickly determined that the fires were intentionally set, and police responded to patrol the area, but investigators have not identified any suspects.

Responders found fires burning in vegetation, trash bins, a creek with eucalyptus trees and a railroad maintenance debris pile. Firefighters limited the damage to the trash containers and surrounding vegetation.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. Anyone with information about the fires is encouraged to contact Fire Marshal Rodger Maggio at 781-7386.


This just confirms that San Luis Obispo City is an extremely dangerous place justifying our fire department employees to earn over 100K per year. With this amount of stress, they should lower their retirment age to 40!


Just as likely bored college students, I don’t seen to be having much luck with those lately.


Homeless keeping warm? They do so much for our community. Keep encouraging them to come here.


Those adorable and legendary hobos, trying to stay warm in the big city.


It might be pissed off homeless people keeping warm. I happen to live in that area. A couple weeks ago authorities swept through the area and rousted at least some if not all of the homeless who live along the tracks – they periodically come through and destroy individual’s camps – literally smash up the camps so that these persons cannot live there anymore. Heartless if you ask me. I’d be pissed too. Who implements a policy of destroying the meager encampments of these people as a solution? Seems more like an act of violence coupled with a complete lack of compassion or empathy. And to what purpose. They will be back. Destroying their camps does not solve the larger problem, it just makes it worse.


If the homeless built a fort in your backyard, wouldn’t you dispose of it so they wouldn’t come back. The RR right of way is private property and the RR has the same rights (and responsibilities) as you or I for dealing with known trespassers.