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October 14, 2014

ccn 22CalCoastNews reporters have uncovered cases of real estate fraud, embezzlement, and elder abuse that have led to arrests and public awareness.

Reporter and CCN co-founder Daniel Blackburn covers water issues in the North County. His understanding of water politics is unmatched by other reporters in the area because of his former employment in the upper strata of California’s water industry. He has written on water politics for three decades.

Reporter and CCN co-founder Karen Velie’s investigations into several hard money lenders who defrauded area seniors of more $500 million led to investigations and arrests. Velie performs in-depth investigations into issues of government wrongdoing and abuse against the homeless.

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The changing media landscape has resulted in decreased advertising revenue throughout the industry and created a major problem — the dearth of investigative reporting as mainstream newspapers focus on profits. Because of this, communities suffer. CalCoastNews needs your support to continue to report on important local issues.

We are asking our readers for donations to help cover reporter salaries. Our donors’ names are not disclosed, so you do not need to fear retaliation.

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I had an automatic monthly PayPal donation of $10 a month for almost a year, then it stopped – I e-mailed CCN about it, never heard back, never re-started it (not sure if I could); then several “moderator” issues led me to not re-sub.

I really want to support CCN, and perhaps I will. I enjoy the site much better by not reading all of the comments, nor participating in them (as much as I used to). I’ll shoot a bill or two CCN’s way, but just know that I have not re-committed purely do to comments and poor moderator choices (if you mod one person for some principle, you need to apply that principle to all people). A few times I’ve seen people’s posts get removed, but other’s (that were similar or worse) are allowed to stay. It was disheartening.

Enough debating, just send in your money! I am sending in $100 a year as my “subscription” fee. Can you imagine if everyone could do that?

I for one appreciate the information brought to the people by CNN…thank you!

I have been a support in the past. But with all the pop-ups that CCN is now having on their web site. They should all the $$ they need, just like Tribune.

I use delicious, and it has done the job.


“Delicious” should be “adblockplus.”

Gull-seen autocorrect.

slojoey, how could you compare the Trib (Fibune) with CCN?

Looking forward to the day the rag Trib folds.

Sending in my subscription donation since we eliminated the Tribune long ago. It is the least we could do to find out what is REALLY going on in this county. Can not rely on KSBY or the Tribune as they spoon feed us, dependent of course on who gives the best massage. As a footnote we do not always like or agree with what we read on CCN, but can at least count on them to not be overly biased as the Trib and KSBY.

The criticism against CCN is they don’t always get the facts straight. Probably true. Even NBC Evening News has had to issue corrections. But perhaps the greatest achievement by CCN, is to demonstrate, how absolutely pathetic KSBY and the Tribune reporting is.

It’s the difference between ‘not always getting the facts straight’ and “not reporting any facts’.

The only thing more pathetic than KSBY and the Tribune, are the politics of this County, which we only know about from CCN.

On the other hand, the Tribune and KSBY purposely don’t print the news as a means to shelter some of the worst actions by their powerful political puppetmasters.



Other than the fake green beret, please cite one correction or retractionthe ccn has issued.

You are assuming that no retractions should have been issue