Bakersfield responds to attack by Caren Ray

October 22, 2014

bakersfieldA columnist from Bakersfield wrote an editorial Tuesday on the “slugfest” between San Luis Obispo County District 4 supervisor candidates Caren Ray and Lynn Compton and Ray’s negative comments about Bakersfield.

At a recent debate and on the Dave Congalton radio show on KVEC 920 AM, Compton said that it would help the economy if the permit process, while following all state and environmental laws, was streamlined and efficient. Compton then said that contractors who have worked in both Bakersfield and San Luis Obispo counties say the process is more efficient in Bakersfield.

Ray responded with a flyer trashing Bakersfield for its “poor air quality” and “urban sprawl” and asking voters not to let Compton turn San Luis Obispo County into Bakersfield.

The Bakersfield Californian columnist Lois Henry responded Tuesday:

“Whoa, whoa, WHOA!”

“I’ve gotta call time out when a political campaign in a totally different county tosses Bakersfield under the bus.”

“Yeah, that’s right, a candidate running for San Luis Obispo County supervisor has put out mailers urging voters to keep her in office so her opponent doesn’t “turn South County into Bakersfield.”

“I would say that hurts, but I actually thought it was kind of hilarious.”

“But it wasn’t funny at all to some of the very voters in that district who incumbent Caren Ray probably hoped to win over.”

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Visitors from Kern County spends millions of dollars annually supporting hundreds of small businesses located here in San Luis Obispo County. The fact that a sitting member of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors would print such negative implications about a major city in our neighboring county is not only disturbing but extremely unprofessional given her positional responsibility, to say the least. However, not surprising considering the sources of her support. The people and small businesses of San Luis Obispo County deserve better and especially someone who will promote and foster a thriving economy and its tourism component. That person is apparently not (current) Supervisor Ray. As a minimum, she owes the people of Bakersfield and its surrounding area a major apology.


No wonder Caren doesn’t care about prop 13, she doesn’t pay property taxes.

How disingenuous of her not to mention that little fact when all of this hoopla

started. What else is she hiding? Talk about lack of transparency. Hill has taught

her well.


That comment is 100% lies. The story has no basis but gets twisted as it goes. There is no basis to say Ray does not pay the same property tax as every home owner. Yes, she lives in a historic home. That home was designated as historic in 2009 not 2014 as reported. The developer never completed the registration work as required by the conditions of approval in 2009. The 2014 action was the completion of a 5 year process. Being historic does not save anyone a dime on property taxes, in fact its a pain in the butt to deal with. I personally looking into buying this property and can tell you that it had unoccupied for years and the last work done on it dates back to the mid 70s.

There is something called the Mills act which allows property tax offsets for historic maintenance and restoration work done to state guidelines. Its a very complex process and according to the city of AG only one person has pursued it in AG and that person is not Caren Ray. We can easily see that your statement is a complete lie and easily verified through public record.


Lynn Comptons points were all about regulations and how difficult it is to do business

with the Government in California. Ray is ignorant of this fact because she loves all

things Government and thinks we should have more, our lives should be led by

all things Government. Ray, Hill and Gibson are uber liberals, and want to control

every part of our lives. Compton is a capitalistic conservative who believes we are all

capable of running our own lives. Government was meant to fix our roads and protect

us from invasion, the end. Vote for Compton if you want less regulations.


Ridiculous !

The very word government derives from ‘govern’…to control, to manage, TO REGULATE.

Civilization requires more than just maintained streets and standing armies.

Go find your fortress …your libertarian utopia, somewhere else.

Compton should be running for UNsupervisor.


Distractions, drive-by-shooting from the Bakersfield hipster, hired gun from Jarvis, huge signs all over AG land clear down to Santa Maria, campaign in the red, running on a “Red Herring” Prop 13 scare. Fear and loathing is the operative MOD in Compton camp of tea-party pitch-fork crowd. She should have studied governance and issues over the last 3 plus years, as we sure don’t need more lawyering in county governance. I see all hat, no herd but the willing lead by the nose-ring. Good luck with that – (Insert sarcasm here)


Compton made an error when she veered off her overly general, pablum script of

“REGULATIONS BAD !”, and offered a specific.

A specific which can be compared.

So the question is then: Do you want a looser regulatory environment; that results in a dirty, overcrowded, foul-smelling Pottersville like Bakersfield ( as Compton evidently prefers and definitely entertains )…

Or do you want a fair regulatory system that more adequately ensures a safer and better quality of life as is enjoyed here on the Central Coast ?

Ray offended a small time editorialist.

Compton insults the intelligence of the voters of the 4th District.


Compton may go too far in the other direction but anyone who has had to deal with the bureaucracies in this county to get things built/done can testify about the unreasonable processes and obstacles involved. In their zeal to protect against developmental abuses, many local politicians have made it unreasonably expensive and time-consuming to get reasonable small developments done. A “happy-medium” would be a good goal here.


I want a candidate who isn’t a reactive nincompoop and an embarrassment to our county.

The position of “reactive nincompoop and embarrassment to our county” is already enthusiastically filled by Adam HIll. We really don’t need another one.


Agreed Mary, let’s not help his BFF Caren win her first election.


Hmmm…I venture that we already have one reactionary nincompoop on the County BOS in the person of Arnold. Compton would make it two.

Let me decode it for you: When these phony ‘conservatives’, Republicans, use such anti-government campaign rhetoric ( propaganda ) decrying ‘regulation’; what they really mean is that they don’t want to obey the law ( or they want to game the law in their favor ).