Emaciated bobcat attacks woman

October 6, 2014

bobcatAn emaciated bobcat that attacked a woman Thursday at a Solvang resort was euthanized. [LATimes]

The bobcat came up behind the 65-year-old victim, an employee at the resort, and bit down on her head. When the woman tried to brush the bobcat away, it bit into her hand.

The woman was not seriously injured in the attack.

Nevertheless, deputies notified California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers who found the bobcat nearby and euthanized it at the scene. Authorities plan to have the animal tested for rabies.

Authorities said the cat appeared gaunt and unhealthy.

Rich in MB

Yikes…when I read the headline I thought Adams was at it again in AG….whew….


I would suggest that the health of the lady and the general public should be placed before thewelfare of the Bobcat. For those of you wondering why this animal was killed and also for anyone contemplating showing off your own marksmanship, please consider this from the CDC. Partial instructions for submitting a sample for rabies testing;

“Euthanasia should be accomplished in such a way as to maintain the integrity of the brain so that the laboratory can recognize the anatomical parts.

Except in the case of very small animals, such as bats, only the head or brain (including brain stem) should be submitted to the laboratory.”

I believe that could be referred to as destructive testing.


“The bobcat came up behind the 65-year-old victim, an employee at the resort, and bit down on her head. When the woman tried to brush the bobcat away, it bit into her hand.”

“The woman was not seriously injured in the attack.”

Sounds serious to me!!!!!!


Well, I have my bobcat tag ready. The season for bobcats is best in Jan/Feb when their fur is more luscious.


My first thought was rabies. I seems odd that such a small week cat would attack any human. Why no mention of this?


oops, my bad, sorry…


Ted, that’s a disturbing interpretation of what I said….and yes, I agree the cat was, likely, in bad shape….just not sure killing it is the right conclusion.


I wonder whether the woman encouraged the poor bob cat to come closer. She was eating and for a hungry animal, it is open season.

The unfortunate part is that Fish and Wildlife killed the bob cat rather than take it to a shelter. Fish and Wildlife should be renamed to “Department of Fish and Wildlife Killers”


I have an idea, how about the next time they drop at your house, with your family and you take care of, seeing as it’s no big deal.


Bless the beasts and the children.

Ted Slanders


Yes, as our Hebrew God states, we learn from the beasts ,therefore they should be blessed. What this particular beast in the form of a wild cat was trying to convey to humans is uncertain.

“Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earth and makes us wiser than the birds of the heavens?” (Job 35:11)


Maybe the poor, gaunt creature just needed to be fed!

Ted Slanders


On 65 year old meat? The poor cat was obviously in dire straits. The drought is causing all kinds of havoc.


Yes. I’ve noticed a big increase in crime and violence among the two legged variety of animals, here in Southern California.