SLO man killed on Highway 101 after surviving rollover

October 7, 2014

ambulanceA 22-year-old San Luis Obispo man survived a rollover crash in Ventura Monday morning but then died minutes later after a vehicle struck him on the freeway. [KEYT]

Adam Begazo was returning to San Luis Obispo in his Toyota 4Runner around 3:45 a.m. when he struck the center divider. Begazo’s vehicle then rolled over and landed upside down on Highway 101 just north of the State Beaches exit in Ventura.

Begazo and his two passengers escaped safely from the vehicle, but a van driven by an Oxnard man then crashed into the overturned SUV, striking the three men as well. Begazo died on the scene, and one passenger, 22-year-old San Luis Obispo resident Jacob Wolfe, suffered major injuries.

An ambulance transported Wolfe to a local hospital. The second passenger, 21-year-old San Luis Obispo resident Christopher Stevens, received treatment for minor injuries.

The Ventura man who was driving the van, 63-year-old Michael White, did not suffer any injuries.

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Just to put a little human touch on this tragedy, Adam and our daughter went waaaay back to kindergarten at St. Anastasia’s school in Playa Del Rey. They were THE best of friends and he was her first true crush all the way back in 7th grade. Adam spent a lot of time at our house(s) and he was without a doubt one of the nicest, politest, responsible, mature & intelligent kids my wife & I have ever met. He truly was the ‘Good Son’ and the kind that you’d want for your own. And his parents are also just stellar human beings. All of us here in the Booth family are completely devastated by this—-and our daughter is still besides herself….given that Adam was going to be in L.A. that week and take her out on the town & catch up on old times. Now that’s not gonna ever happen and the odds on her getting thru Adam’s funeral this Saturday are probably slim-to-none. This is going to be her fifth funeral for her fallen friends already—-which is about five more than any 22 year old gal should ever have to attend. This truly sucks all the way around in so many ways that I’m almost at a lost for words. But I’d appreciate any good wishes & condolences that you folks could mentally send her way, and to Adam’s other friends and family. They all have a very rough road ahead of them. Thank you in advance…

Best regards,


Always drive such that you could stop if something was in the road. Michael White was either over-driving his headlights OR not paying attention. Either way, he killed a guy.

It’s a terrible accident and tragic that someone lost his life and another was seriously injured.

I don’t see how you can blame the guy that hit the overturned vehicle. I don’t see that the police charged him. If the vehicle was turned to the side the lights may not have been visible. Traveling at 100 feet/second, it’s not easy to avoid a fixed object in the road.

If he can’t avoid an object at 100 ft per second, maybe he should have been driving 50fps. Nothing amuses me more than every time a tragic story like this comes up, people like you saying how it couldn’t be avoided and it was just a horrible accident and the guy won’t be charged etc. He absolutely WAS at fault and will most likely be charged with vehicular manslaughter for killing someone. Don’t be fools people, if you can’t avoid an object as big as an SUV in your lane your head is where the sun doesn’t shine or you were just going way too fast or both.

I bet you enjoy lynch mobs. Who needs the facts to make a decision!

Hey, this is the CCN comment section! We all do that at times and some do it almost all the time.

You don’t “need” any more facts in this case. A veh is in the road and some dingbat came along and hit it.

Yea, you guys are right. We have the RIGHT to be in a hurry. We demand that everything in our way have lights, reflectors, or a sign. Who really cares about deer, cows, elk, dogs, people, or automobiles without their lights on? Sorry. Just keep on driving as fast as you want, I guess.