Supervisor campaign setting new records

October 8, 2014


A contentious District 4 supervisor’s race is setting records in San Luis Obispo County for money-raising, already generating an unprecedented $610,000 between candidates Caren Ray and Lynn Compton, and total contributions may top $1 million before the Nov. 4 race is concluded.

And the more the cash rolls in, the more convoluted and hazy the required reporting is becoming.

Caren Ray

Caren Ray

Ray, who was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown following the death of Paul Teixeira, reported on her 460 disclosure forms that she has collected $240,064 in cash and non-monetary donations in addition to $1,000 in loans for a total of $241,064 throughout the campaign. However, the actual amount Ray has raised is difficult to determine as many of her forms have conflicting information.

Ray’s 497 disclosures, which are forms candidates are required to submit within 24 hours of receiving a $1,000 or more cash donation, show multiple donations that Ray failed to report on her 460 campaign disclosure form as required by law.

For example, Ray reported on Aug. 15 that she received a $1,000 donation from Stephen Cool and on Aug. 21 a $2,000 donation from the California Association of Realtors in Los Angeles, though she did not report those donations and others on her latest cumulative discloser filings.

Ray said she is reviewing the filings, and if errors are found, she will amend her reports.

Ray’s top contributors are developers, many of whom have projects in front of the county, and unions.

Ray’s top contributors during the 2013/2014 campaign:

$19,386 – Gary Grossman, owner of Coastal Community Builders, developing the former Dalidio Ranch

$10,000 – Monte Cool, chief of acquisitions for Grossman’s Coastal Community Builders

$10,000 – Lori Mangano, developer with Mangano Homes

$10,000 – The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of San Luis Obispo

lynn compton

Lynn Compton

During her campaign, Compton has collected $303,608 in cash and non-monetary donations in addition to a $65,000 in loans she made to her campaign, for a total of $368,608. Compton’s largest donations came from farmers and conservative organizations.

Compton’s top contributors during the 2013/2014 campaign:

$18,042 – Republican Central Committee

$14,775 – Nicholas Cook, a retired engineer from Los Osos

$5,420 – Kathleen Maas, Pear Valley Estate wine vintner

$5,250 – Teixeira Farms

Ray is currently ahead on cash donations while Compton leads in the number of people donating to her campaign and non-monetary donations. In cash donations reported on their 460 forms during 2013 and 2014, Ray has raised $229,064 and Compton has collected $210,814.

In cash, non-monetary and loans, Compton has raised $368,608 and Ray has taken in $241,064, according to their 460 filings.


Lynn Compton is clearly the only choice for any hope of saving ourselves from the majority we now have on the BOS. Voting for Ray would only mean ringing the tax bell over and over. Seems her answer to all is raising taxes or implementing new ones. We are REALITY based.Ray has to much of the “Brown factor” running through her veins. The typical train to no where. Sorry, but we are taxed out! I am an independent.


More making stuff up and seeing what sticks. In the words of the esteemed KPR -WRONG!

Never has Ray raised taxes. Never has she implemented new ones. She is the only fiscal conservative running. Compton cant keep her own campaign’s financial house in order, how will she deal with real complexity?

he says no new fees, no taxes while saying the tax payers should subsidize costs for developers (said on Conglton last week). Not really a good grasp of reality



Am sure the voters in the 4th district will decide whether they want a Brown appointee or someone the “people” choose. Listen to her debate with Lynn Compton. She is ALL about taxes!


Do we really want a constant Hill, Gibson, Ray vote? Maybe if we get Meacham away

from Ray he will remember he is a Republican and vote with Debbie and Lynn. Now

that would be bueno.


Just saw the debate online between Lynn and Caren. Lynn certainly looks more qualified. That being said, they both seemed to know their stuff. I guess it boils down to whether you want a liberal or a conservative on the board.


I agree, Ms.Compton clearly seems more qualified. I am trusting the voters in district 4 will agree. Regardless of how the election turns out I think there is a lot to be said for the peoples choice rather then an “appointee” . Being an ‘appointee” just stinks of cronyism. But then again welcome to what is turning out to be The Peoples Republic of California. Its no wonder why California has been determined the least business friendly state 10 Years Running. Or as most refer to it now as Banofornia. So sad.


Great forum. Lynn Compton loves her $20K slate mailers and somehow blames them on Gov. Brown. Does not believe solar energy is useful. Blamed Al Gore for the planet not melting down and Paso Robles for encouraging walking or riding a bike for local shopping. Oh, there is no water shortage if we could just build more dams. Sorry, but Nipomo Barbie with Rick Perry’s drugstore specs will not buy or get the vote.


Haha, Yes she said you cant switch over to solar over night. There are companies that literally do that in our county. They switch residences to solar in a day. Who is feeding her this stuff? Oil?


Haha, so why is it that the Government has to back them and then they

go BK? Guess who is left holding the bag? Does Solindra ring a bell?


Thank you for the compliment!


Did you see the forum? Who was most knowledgeable and qualified could not be more obvious. Instead of spin, people should watch. Compton sounded like she was giving a 5th grade book report, reciting the obvious and giving no opinion or analysis.


AG Don,

We agree Lynn Compton was most knowledgeable and qualified. This was clearly OBVIOUS!

3 putt

You must be kidding! Caren was articulate and in depth. Lynn read her answers from index cards and didn’t seem to comprehend what she was saying (written by someone else?). There was no comparison–Caren is FAR more intelligent.

The issues facing this county are far too important. Vote the person, not the party!


What forum were you watching? Caren is sooo condescending and acts as if we

are all school children with slow minds. I am surprised she didn’t take credit for

parting the waters and raising the Titanic, she took credit for doing everything

else. What a piece of work.



We agree, was painful to watch her lill girl snickering.You can tell she has been sitting with Gibson and Hill for a while. And what happened? She used to have Steve Adams on her list of endorsers? She sure dropped him like a hot potato!

Imagine that.


It must have been watching her opponent continually put her foot in her mouth that prompted the snickering. Pretty hard to hold it in those moments!


3 putt, she also had her cell phone there that she was looking at retrieving messages.Am sure her handlers were pointing out to her, her many blunders and trying to correct them.


That would be Caren Ray

3 putt

You folks are no doubt fine people–but you are drinking the cool-aide. Someone among your group needs to step up and state the obvious–YOUR EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES.

Rich in MB

Sorry 3 putt…..we will save you from your foolishness when Lynn wins.


3 putt , you need to stay the hell out of the 19 th hole’s effecting your mind..

Ms. Ray’s big backers are former Allan Little gang , gay pride lol , who lost money on that deal!???


Or no new taxes JMO. We are for NO new taxes. Compton is clearly the choice.