Margay Edwards’ car found in the desert

October 5, 2014
Margay Edwards

Margay Edwards


The blue Hyundai Accent driven by Margay Edwards of Los Osos was discovered Friday afternoon about two and a half miles from where her body was found a week ago, her family said

On Sept. 25, two men riding quads discovered the 27-year-old’s body in the desert outside of Pahrump, a Nevada town near the California border. Though her license was on the body, her car and cell phone were missing.

Nye County detectives located the vehicle using GPS coordinates.

Detectives said that someone drove the car through the brush and crashed it into a wash. The Hyundai was discovered with front end damage, a deployed airbag, the driver’s seat partially down with a blanket under an engaged seat belt and the passenger seat pulled forward.

The accident would not have caused life-threatening injuries, Nye County Sheriff’s Detective Joe McGill said.

Detectives have not yet found Edwards’ phone. McGill said they will finish processing her car within the next day or two, and that the phone could be in the car.

Her family last saw her on Sept. 12 in Los Osos and last heard from her on Sept. 14. Edwards was last seen in Pahrump on Sept. 14.

Last week, the coroner’s office shipped Edwards’ remains to Texas for an autopsy, her family said. It is expected to take up to eight weeks to determine the cause of death.

Edwards is survived by her father Jeff Edwards, her mother Insong Edwards, her stepmother Julie Tacker and her brother Jack Edwards. The family requests that memorial donations be made to the Woods Humane Society.

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Where are her keys.

…..and it only took a week or so for LEO to expand their search to a radius of a mile or two. WOW! They are good.

Very serious desert terrain out there Nye County Constabulary do a fine job considering

Margay was a wonderful girl growing up from 3rd grade through high school. My daughter was with her through all those grades. I lost track of her after she graduated but my heart goes out to her and her family. I hope they catch the person, or persons, who did this. She will be sorely missed.

so sad

If I had to wish for something, given this tragic event, it is that this was some sort of terrible accident, rather than a murder. I so hope she didn’t suffer at the hands of another.

Hug your children tonight…and every night.

I’m hoping that car has a great deal of evidence in it — allowing law enforcement to make the arrest, or arrests, that need to be made.

We don’t do autopsies in CA anymore?

Why would Nevada have CA do their work? But then again why would Nevada have Texas do their work?

Due to the condition of the remains we were told an anthropologist was needed to do the forensic autopsy. It is unclear if Nevada or California have such a specialist. We were promised the best care would be taken of the remains and that they would do their very best to find the cause of death.

You can’t imagine what goes through our minds.

Trust me, “Why Texas?” Never crossed my mind.

I am so sorry the family is having to go through this ordeal. I am so sorry for your loss.

There really are no words that will end this nightmare for you and I wish there were.

I hope you get justice for all that is worth.