What should the mayor of Arroyo Grande stand for?

October 25, 2014
Jim Hill

Jim Hill


The recent article in CalCoastNews about favoritism and other abuses of power in Arroyo Grande confirms and enlarges on what several business and property owners had told me prior to my decision to run for mayor.

The atmosphere of fear, or at best uncertainty, that results from these abuses destroys trust in the city administration that is a necessary foundation for economic growth, prosperity, fairness and faith in the rule of law. I am proud that my candidacy has afforded so many the opportunity to join in declaring that these abuses must end.

As mayor, I will assure that coercion by city officials and administrators will stop. Residents or businesses should be able to select any qualified providers and rest assured their projects will be impartially evaluated by the city with equal treatment for all.
The disparagement of our police department with respect to their reports of the incident involving the city manager and a subordinate is another example of favored treatment for a few at the expense of other city employees and the public.

Arroyo Grande residents are justly proud of our police who perform their duties with deliberation and restraint. Official disparagement destroys employee morale and stifles the pride in employment that is the basis for optimum performance of services to residents.

As mayor I will demand responsible city management and fair and respectful treatment of all city employees who must be encouraged to provide the highest level of service to residents. Policies must be reasonable and applied equally to all without loopholes or excuses. These principles will guide my tenure as mayor and I appreciate the support that so many have expressed.

Jim Hill is a write-in candidate for mayor of Arroyo Grande.

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As a local who owns two teeny businesses within the 5 Cities, I am lucky enough to be in Pismo, Grover, AG, Oceano, Shell, SLO, Nipomo and all parts in between on any given day at any given time.

I gotta say:

1) The proliferation of “Write In Jim Hill” signs throughout the ENTIRE south county makes my heart swell with pride.

2) These signs ARE getting noticed. These signs are making people very curious. These signs are getting locals to question what is going on. These signs are raising political awareness and helping to inform voters of underlying concerns and issues withing Arroyo Grande.

3) Wearing a “Write In Jim Hill” name badge every single day, everywhere I go, has elicited very pointed, sometimes overly-heated, but always educational (for them AND for me!) opportunities to discuss the facts surrounding Jim Hill’s candidacy.

The aforementioned signs ARE this prominent and prolific because of everyone’s commitment to truth and transparency and our belief in Jim Hill. Keep it up guys. I am so utterly proud of my hometown 5Cities. We are the change necessary.


Small group of fringe people Let’s see….

The Taxidermy Shop

The Arroyo Grande Motel

Rontal Beauty Supply

Doughnut Delight

Loomis Tanks

Magano Properties in the Village

Floor Connection

Dennis Allen Realtor

Beachside Auto

7 Eleven

Burke & Pace Lumber

The Vet Clinic at Elm St

Bobs Car Wash

Quarterdeck Restaurant

Paul Wolfe Chiropractic

S & S Building

Coffee Express

Orcutt Burger

Vons Grocery Store

Gils Liquor and Gas

The Runnels Property (former Council person)

Millis property ( former mayor)

Hayashi Vegetable Stand

Ag land on Traffic Way

The Carpenters Union

Painters Union on 227

IBEW on HWY 227

Electrical Union on Halcyon

and many homes.

There must be 200+ hand made signs all over town

This is NOT a small group of people.

THIS is a LARGE amount of VOTERS who are UNHAPPY with the STATUS QUO!.

Be there Tuesday Night 6 pm City Council

Tell them your mad as He… and you’re not gonna take it any more!


We all need to support these businesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, let’s not support businesses in our community—how is that an answser to the problem??? Disagree with people, but you don’t have to drive someone’s business into the ground because they are standing up for what they belive in…


So now that the process will begin looking for a new City Manager and our current mayor, Mr. Ferrara is going to oversee this process—do we, the voting public, really think this is going to turn out good for us? Really? What could Mr. Ferrara possibly offer to the process of finding a new City Manager? I don’t trust him or anyone else on the council to fully vet anyone for anything connected to city business.

To vet roughly means to fully investigate—yes, this group, I am sure, fully investigated the firm and its ties to Ferrara for our “independent and impartial” investigation of the events surrounding and following July 3rd—I don’t buy what you are selling Ferrara.

It is time for a change AG—Write-In Jim Hill and fill in the bubble.


Probably the biggest benefit a change at Mayor will bring is one of a CULTURAL nature. I can see Jim bringing a more open, honest, ethical environment, exponentially more pronounced than exists today…….



Glad to see your opinion piece. Arroyo Grande’s city council, and their city management staff, are long overdue for some much needed change.

It’s almost pathetic driving by the intersection of East Grand Avenue and Courtland. There, all snugly positioned together side by side, are signs for Ferrara and Costello. That’s good to see, because obviously they are getting nervous.

When you add in the special city council meetings being called with short notice at odd hours, Sheriff’s staff being called in for council meetings, chairs intended for our citizens missing and re-arranged for council meetings, protesters outside of city hall, numerous concerned citizens speaking at public comment, the city manager doing a supposed resignation which hasn’t actually happened, an increased number of dislikes for postings related to this scandal, and the increasing number of your write-in candidacy signs showing up all around town…it is very hopeful there might be some much needed change on the horizon.

If this much needed change doesn’t happen, the soap opera of a joke our city has become will surely get much worse. Who knows exactly how much more seemingly scandalous behavior will be exposed in the coming weeks and months.

Please stay persistent with your candidacy. You have a tremendous amount of support behind the scenes, especially from those who can’t publicly show their support.


Drove by a Ferrara sign today which was previously placed prominently, has now been moved by the homeowner to an obscure, nearly invisible location.

Makes me wonder how many of Tony’s “supporters” won’t be actually be voting for him, or better yet voting for Jim Hill.


talked to the person right next door to that location today. Resounding yes on Jim Hill vote.


Please continue to work behind the scenes Sad Insider—please urge others to do the same.


Sad insider

Tony Ferrara is toast any way you look at it.

See those signs, those are bold merchants who have said Enough!

And those business people and prominent citizens have also said No more Ferrara

Tony Ferrara is not a nice guy. He’s full of intimidation, frowns, and prickles.

He’s not the kind of guy you want to go to the lake with, that’s for sure.

Jim Hill … Please be respectful to the people.