What should the mayor of Arroyo Grande stand for?

October 25, 2014
Jim Hill

Jim Hill


The recent article in CalCoastNews about favoritism and other abuses of power in Arroyo Grande confirms and enlarges on what several business and property owners had told me prior to my decision to run for mayor.

The atmosphere of fear, or at best uncertainty, that results from these abuses destroys trust in the city administration that is a necessary foundation for economic growth, prosperity, fairness and faith in the rule of law. I am proud that my candidacy has afforded so many the opportunity to join in declaring that these abuses must end.

As mayor, I will assure that coercion by city officials and administrators will stop. Residents or businesses should be able to select any qualified providers and rest assured their projects will be impartially evaluated by the city with equal treatment for all.
The disparagement of our police department with respect to their reports of the incident involving the city manager and a subordinate is another example of favored treatment for a few at the expense of other city employees and the public.

Arroyo Grande residents are justly proud of our police who perform their duties with deliberation and restraint. Official disparagement destroys employee morale and stifles the pride in employment that is the basis for optimum performance of services to residents.

As mayor I will demand responsible city management and fair and respectful treatment of all city employees who must be encouraged to provide the highest level of service to residents. Policies must be reasonable and applied equally to all without loopholes or excuses. These principles will guide my tenure as mayor and I appreciate the support that so many have expressed.

Jim Hill is a write-in candidate for mayor of Arroyo Grande.

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So.. If the current Mayor, Tony Ferrara is doing things RIGHT, then why do law abiding citizens fear RETALIATION for placing a political sign at their business or home?

What has happened to Arroyo Grande that people are in fear of the MAYOR?

Is the City Council in fear of the MAYOR? Employees?

Businessmen are coming forward telling their stories of intimidation, threats of zone changes, and delaying the permit process to make a prospective tenant retreat.

The mayor has been the one to call at meeting at 1 pm on at Saturday saying he wants to be transparent and turn around and call a meeting at 9 am on a Wednesday.

What was the rush when the POLICE have not been interviewed yet?

What was the rush if they had already made the decision to contract with Sintra?

Just waiting for this investigations to say,”I did not have sex with that woman.”


Get a load of that We’d 9am meeting….

Ferrara did not open the meeting for public comment on the agenda item at hand

The staff report was AFTER public comment

All those years in office and he still cannot run a meeting or crack a smile.

How can they have the same item in both closed and open session?

It is either a closed item or not,


This is about the COVER UP and the MAYOR!!!!!!


Transparency….Integrity…and ….Honesty…the fundamental building blocks of democracy.



No jingle?



SLO town’s got it hustlers

The Oceano’s got its bums

Arroyo Grande’s got big Jim Hill

He’s a straight shootin’ son of a gun

Yeah he’s kind and smart as a man can come

But he’s stronger than a city’s current boss

And when the bad folks all get together at night(at city hall)

That’s why Jim Hill is right

And they say

You don’t tug on superman’s cape

You don’t spit into the wind

You don’t pull the mask of the ol’ lone ranger

And you don’t mess around with Jim


Thanks Pelican. Love your stuff

Give us something for this POLICE BASHING. I know it’s in you.

You make my day!


Excellent op-ed, Jim.

mb business owner

Jim, do you have a brother or sister that could run an ethical campaign in morro bay and win in 2 years, we really need someone like you!


I agree. Carla’s campaign was unethical.


It is an uphill battle for a write in at best. In part that is appropriate since the write in candidate forgoes the typical vetting process that a true campaign would bring. That being said I applaud anyone willing to take on the thankless task of public service at that level.

While I think a shake up may have some merit, this campaign’s association with less than honorable and honest individuals as reported in the financial disclosures cause me pause. There is certainly a lack of judgment and respect for the voters when you use certain known individuals as part of the campaign team. I was disappointed to say the least.



You are correct. A write-in candidacy is an up-hill battle. A shake up will have merit. I am not sure who you are referring to when you state “less than honorable and honest individuals” given the latest article written by Karen Velie and Dan Blackburn which clearly shows the underhanded and back-door dealings of our current mayor and city leaders.

You should be disappointed in our current leadership. You should be outraged actually. Our campaign team has not said or done anything below the fold or the belt. The campaign has been run cleanly and respectfully.

Maybe you are offended because we are outspoken? You have to be in order to affect change. I can respect your opinion about who you will or will not vote for, but please do not point a finger at a group of people who have worked tirelessly for change as dishonest and dis-honorable. Those words should be used to describe our current leadership and their actions. Maybe you missed the council meeting when they removed chairs and stopped allowing citizens to enter who had valid comments to make—yes, the fire marshal turned people away even though there was not 144 people in the council chambers—

I hope this reply did not offend you, but I do hope you understand that the people who are working for change are doing so with all good intentions and are backing up those intentions with honorable actions. Have a nice evening.


Just misguided.


QUOTING LEANN: “Maybe you are offended because we are outspoken?”


Change doesn’t just happen. It starts with an ultimatum and goes from there.

—Author unknown


Go leann! One of my favorite quotes:

“History was not made by quiet women!”


“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

— proverb


I could quote the Bible all day—-

The wise are glad to be instructed,

but babbling fools fall flat on their faces.

Wise words come from people with understanding,

but those lacking sense will be beaten with a rod.

People who accept discipline are on the pathway to life,

but those who ignore correction will go astray.

Doing wrong is for a fool,

but living wisely brings pleasure to the sensible.

The way of the Lord is a stronghold to those with integrity,

but it destroys the wicked.

The mouth of the godly person gives wise advice,

but the tongue that deceives will be cut off.

Honesty guides good people,

dishonesty destroys treacherous people.

Upright citizens are good for a city and make it prosper,

but the talk of the wicked tears it apart.

Fools think their own way is right,

but the wise listen to others.

An honest witness tells the truth,

a false witness tell lies.

Truthful words stand the test of time,

but lies are soon exposed.

These all come from Proverbs as well….quite applicable to our current situation in AG don’t you think? I could add more, but I think these prove my point….


AGDon, where do you get your information? How can you tell from a financial disclosure who is part of a campaign team?

I think you are making this up to work against the campaign to Write In Jim Hill for Mayor. From what I have seen, their campaign has been running clean and very grassroots. I have been amazed at how many local businesses are taking the risk of showing support, many with fear of retaliation. I applaud all who have stepped forward to post a big yellow sign in support of Jim Hill for our next mayor.


There is so much work to do to restore trust of the Arroyo Grande City council.

They must start by accepting the resignation immediately of the City Manager Steven Adams.

They will need to first apologize to the POLICE and the remainder of the employee and the citizens.

Lastly, they must come clean and tell the truth and apologize for their failure to ACT!

Mr. Holly

It will require a move and replace for Arroyo Grande to recover from this.


Sad to say, I don’t see our council, and especially the Mayor doing any of the above.

If Ferrara has his way, it will be the double down we always see from him, how is he going to change course at this late date?

I wouldn’t be holding my breath for that apology either…


Fair and respectful treatment?

Responsible city management?

No coercion?

Reasonable policies? Could this be the end to private use of city hall?

Ahhhhhhhhh, like a breath of fresh air! Time to clean house.

Write-In Jim Hill for Mayor, fill in the bubble.



End the cronyism…..


Looks like Jim will follow the Brown Act and have meetings on Tuesdays at 6pm!


Write in Jim Hill. I wish more of our choices were this easy.