Rollover accident near Cayucos injures four

October 25, 2014

CHP@Officers shut down Highway 1 north of Cayucos following a single car rollover accident Saturday with reports of four people being injured.

Shortly after 4 p.m., a Chevy Avalanche rolled several times for unknown reasons. The vehicle then went off the roadway, drove into a ditch and hit a tree near Villa Creek Road, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Dispatchers sent a CHP helicopter and four ambulances to the scene.

A portion of Highway 1 was shut down so the helicopter could land. There are no reports of fatalities, four people were injured and one person was transported to the hospital by helicopter.

As more information becomes available, CalCoastNew will provide updates.

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Two dead, two with serious injuries in hospital and one in jail for vehicular manslaughter DUI.Sad situation.

The Trib is reporting two dead kids in the incident. Just horrible

I hope all survive, and all is well.