Robbers return booty, then arrested

October 4, 2014
Maria Michele Romo

Maria Michele Romo

After three participants in a Templeton burglary returned coins, jewelry and gold they had stolen, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested the three alleged thieves while putting out an arrest warrant for the fourth.

On Sept. 23, while the residents of a home on the 1000 block of Hemingway Lane were shopping, four people robbed a home of property worth an estimated $60,000, police said. Later that day, two of the suspects came to the home, described what they had done and returned some of the stolen items.

The next day, another burglar arrived at the victims’ home and returned more stolen items, officers said.

Carisa Ann Livingston

Carisa Ann Livingston

Based on surveillance video from the victim’s residence as well as statements from the suspects, deputies arrested Maria Michele Romo, 40, address unknown; Carissa Ann Livingston, 27, of Creston; and Alichia Renee Starnes, 35, of San Luis Obispo for allegedly burglarizing the home. Police are searching for Josh Michael Bishop, 25, of Templeton, the fourth suspect.

The three female suspects were booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. Deputies arrested Romo on charges of burglary and grand theft; Starnes on charges that include receiving stolen property, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia and Livingston on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

Alichia Renee Starnes

Alichia Renee Starnes


This makes me so angry that’s my sister you ass holes are talking about why the hell would anyone comment on this why you even post this against their will on the news why would anyone need to know about this! The news makes me so mad posting things that no one needs to hear I mean she is a great person she didn’t know what her friends were doing and as far as the drugs go that’s a personal decision I love my sister and what you people say about her really hearts how is she supposed to get a job now with all this bad publicity she didn’t know and really how many people in Atascadero can say they have not done drugs I mean really how would you dirt bags like it if we publicized that you smoke marijuana because I know just by reading your tags that some of you that posted do and that you have probably stolen something out of a store I know you fools and you have no right to discriminate against my sister so shut your pie holes and for all the employers out there Carissa is a great person and deserves a chance at a job no one deserves to be put down because they didn’t know what was happening in a bad situation how would you feel if a friend told you they just needed to get their things out of and ex boyfriends apartment and then you found out that you were and accessory to a robbery she deserves a second chance she is the best sister anyone could ever have she helped my all through my life and for her to be treated this way makes me sick!


Alichia again? That Alichia gal is nothing but trouble! I remember hearing about her years ago. What a mess, in and out of jail for years. She still hasn’t learned. Chronic, violent, habitual druggy causing havoc to the community yet again. Shameful! Her rap sheet must be several yards long.


Crazy logic.. the drug-damaged mind.


People like this don’t belong in society, who needs the grief?


Drugs give us such a convenient explanation and narrative. The relationship however, is generally not as causal as much as correlational. If meth simply makes you crazy enough to rob a house, what kind of drugs explain a nation of people willing to murder thousands in order to prevent Americans from being killed by terrorists when they are actually more likely to be killed by a toddler. Robbery? that’s just stupid. What I’m talking about is total insanity.


If that’s what meth does to your face who would ever do it? Crazy!


That is also what alcohol will do to your face.

Theo P. Neustic ha ha Interesting conversations. LOL

Theo P. Neustic

Good to check out all her friends. A who’s who of SLO County crooks…


Methy situation.


Booty? omg