Did Santa Maria police catch serial robbers?

October 16, 2014

santa mariaFollowing a string of 10 reported robberies in two weeks in the Santa Maria area, police have made three arrests in connection with one of the cases. [KSBY]

Santa Maria police arrested David Wilkerson, 18, and two juveniles for robbing a convenience store in the 600 block of South Thornburg Saturday night. Investigators have yet to determine, though, whether the trio is responsible for each of the robberies over the last two weeks.

An additional robbery occurred about 20 minutes earlier Saturday night in Orcutt. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s detectives are likewise trying to determine whether Wilkerson, a Santa Maria resident, and his two juvenile cohorts are responsible that robbery.

Most of the recent robberies in the area have taken place minutes apart from each other and have involved gunmen holding up liquor or convenience stores.

For their involvement in the convenience store robbery Saturday night, Wilkerson and the two juveniles face charges of possession of stolen property related to the robbery. The juveniles are also charged with possession of marijuana for sale.


One would think that with so many robberies, there had to be SOME video and/or witnesses that even local law enforcement could be successful.


Ha! AG had the statements of 5 officers who responded to our City Hall on July 3, and look how well that’s going!

Perhaps the Santa Maria Police have a much better working relationship with their city leaders.

I sure hope so!


Hang em high!