Terrible choices for leadership in Los Osos

October 21, 2014
Tom Salmon

Tom Salmon


The Los Osos Community Services District has three seats up for election on Nov. 4. While some are optimistic to see change, I’d like to shed some light on who remains on the board for another two years.

Marshall Ochylski and Michael Wright kept their seats last election because they ran uncontested. If they had to run today, they would not glide right back in.

Because he is a practicing land use attorney, Ochylski holds himself out as the district’s foremost authority on water and bankruptcy; he is the board’s representative in the basin adjudication and bankruptcy. Ochylski’s six years in office has left the district with top heavy administration, $160,000 annual loss in revenue associated with selling off the solid waste franchise to the county and untold amounts of lost water and damaged infrastructure as his “lead by consensus” approach to governance has let the county roll over the district throughout the sewer project.

Wright was wrong from the start, appointed after Vice President Maria Kelly resigned amid a scandalous affair with then County Public Works Director Paavo Ogren. Wright has been the “go along to get along” director. Showing just a hint of a backbone last month, he ejected fellow board member Jon-Erik Storm from a committee meeting for flipping off a member of the committee, but then recoiled and asked that the minutes of the meeting reflect only that Storm left the dais.

As of today, these directors refuse to allow the recent candidate forum to be shown on channel 20. What are they fearful of?

Truth and transparency is a nonstarter in Los Osos politics, to avoid open exposure and discussion of problems. Why keep an agency that’s sole purpose is only for the employees and directors?

Both Ochylski and Wright have endorsed Storm. Need I say more about the terrible leadership in Los Osos?

Tom Salmon, is a longtime Los Osos resident with 35 years of expertise in statewide public infrastructure.

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We need to disband the Los Osos CSD and the ogren csd, located in Oceano.


Yes indeed, we Los Osos residents really need to bite the bullet & abolish our unnecessary

CSD fiefdom ruled by would-be politicians with large egos.

Not unlike a marriage formed with outright lies & half-truths it has been a long wasteful costly journey.


Look around you, Tom. The only ones you can blame for the terrible leadership in Los Osos are you and your neighbors. Only residents can vote, so why don’t you vote and vote responsibly? Outsiders can only watch the never ending train wreck that is Los Osos and shake our heads in disbelief.


“Need I say more about the terrible leadership in Los Osos?”


Admit that it’s been going since the recall board was seated.