And the 2014 winners are . . .

November 4, 2014

election 2014Here we are, live in CalCoastNews Election Central, waiting for the first returns to be posted. Check with us throughout the evening as we report on the results from today’s election.

And feel free to add comments as we go along. We want to make this as interactive as possible. Glad to have you along.

6:14   Republicans now need only three more seats to seize Senate control, according to a CNN projection.

7:13   Floridians will not have legalized medical marijuana, bucking a national trend. The amendment received about 57 percent of the vote, with 60 percent required. In Alaska, voters will get a chance to legalize recreational marijuana.

8:00   Locally, the polls have closed and the people have spoken — those who decided to vote, that is.

8:14   Paso Robles native Dana Peterson reports she hit two deer en route to her voting place. The yearlings survived, and Peterson made it to the polls on time.

8:44   Congressional 24th District candidates Lois Capps and Chris Mitchum are half a point apart with Capps at 50.55 percent of the vote and Mitchum at 49.45 percent with less than a third of the votes counted.

8:48   At 53.55 percent of the vote, 4th District supervisor candidate Lynn Compton has more than a 7 percent lead over incumbent Caren Ray with 46.24 percent of the vote.

8:50   Shocker! Arroyo Grande mayoral write-in candidate Jim Hill has 38.96 percent of the vote against incumbent Tony Ferrara, who is also the president of the League of California Cities, who is leading with 61.04 percent. This could be a close race with Hill throwing his hat in late and the current votes being limited to mail-in.

9:01   In Arroyo Grande’s city council contest, newcomer Barbara Harmon has taken an early but solid lead with 36.7 percent of the vote tallied thus far, followed by incumbent Tim Brown at 31.7 percent. The other incumbent, Joe Costello, a close ally of Mayor Ferrara, follows with 30.9 percent.

9:10  Arroyo Grande voters are saying no to becoming a charter city with 61.82 percent saying no.

9:11   Grover Beach Mayor candidate John Schoals has a 10 point lead over incumbent Debbie Peterson with 23.9 percent of the votes in. The voters are clearly in favor of a bond to fund road repair with 67.91 in voting yes.

9:12   The race for Pismo Beach Mayor is close with incumbent Shelly Higginbotham having 51.7 percent and he challenger Kevin Kreowski at 48.65 percent. Four candidates are running for two council seat, with Sheila Blake at 26.90 percent and Marcia Guthrie at 24.46 percent leading.

9:15   Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Maley has an 18 point lead over his challenger Charles Scovell. Atascadero council incumbents Heather Moreno and Brian Sturtevant are leading against challengers Len Colamarino and Chuck Ward.

9:18   Cuesta College’s Measure L bond has broad support with 60.91 percent voting yes.

9:23   Steve Martin, unopposed, will be Paso Robles’ new mayor, but there are 96 write-in selections against his early 97 percent total. Incumbent council member John Hamon has an early edge at 21.8 percent, followed by current mayor Duane Picanco, who seeks a council seat, with 19.7 percent, and Pamela Avila, Jim Reed, and Steve Gregory trailing by mere fractions of a point. This may be the tightest of the county’s races, with only two of the five making it to the dais.

9:33   San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx has a strong lead with 76.46 percent of the vote. Incumbent Carlyn Christianson is leading five candidates for two seats with 32.82 percent of the vote. Second in line is Dan Rivoire with 24.92 percent. Measure G, the 1 percent sales tax increase, is winning with 69.99 percent of the vote.

9:50   Plenty of votes to be counted yet, but Arroyo Grande’s quest for charter city status is failing by a large measure, 61.82 percent of voters saying no, no, no, and 38.18 percent giving the plan a nod.

1:19   Absentee ballots still need to be counted and several races are too close to call.

In Pismo Beach, Mayor Shelly Higginbotham is beating Kevin Kreowski by just 15 votes. While one council seat appears to be taken by newcomer Sheila Blake, incumbent Mary Ann Reiss and Marcia Guthrie are currently tied, both having 1,084 votes.

The Paso Robles City Council race for two seats has five candidates still in the race. Running from 21.9 percent to 18.5 percent, each candidate still has a chance. Incumbent council member John Hamon leads the pack followed by current Mayor Duane Picanco, Jim Reed, Pamela Avila and Steve Gregory.

A fight between Tony Ferrara, the embattled current mayor of Arroyo Grande, and late write-in candidate Jim Hill is likely to go in favor of the incumbent, but the race is still open.

Amid allegations of mismanagement and a coverup, Arroyo Grande Council candidate Barbara Harmon received 37.4 percent of the vote garnering one of two seats while incumbent Tim Brown came in second with 32.3 percent of the vote and Joe Costello lost his seat receiving 29.3 percent of the vote.

Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara is ahead of write in candidate Jim Hill by 386 votes.

Nevertheless, Hill’s campaign was not launched until after the mail in ballots were sent. And while he lost in early returned mail-in-ballots, Hill led in Tuesday’s voting.

In the mayor race, in 721 votes  a bubble was not filled in leading the vote to be determined blank. If Jim Hill’s name is on the line, even though the box is not checked, in a recount the vote will go to Hill.

Congressional District 4 Rep. Lois Capps  won against her challenger Chris Mitchum by slightly more than 3 percent.

Voters elected Lynn Compton by more than 7 percent to serve as District 4 supervisor in January.

In other races, incumbents squashed their opponents. Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Malley won by approximately 19 percent while council members Heather Moreno and Brian Sturtevant kept their seats.

Grover Beach mayor Debbie Peterson lost by 11 percent to former Mayor John Shoals and San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx walked away with 74.9 percent of the vote.



Before getting overly excited about who did and didn’t get elected, keep in mind that government officials do only 4.things

1. Pass laws that restrict our liberty.

2 pass laws that confiscate our property.

3 campaign for re-election

4. Pay back those to whom they are beholden.

I guess I am happy though since the only thing I hate more than republicans are liberal democrats.


I guess that means you hate me, even though you have never met me.


I’m going to bed. It looks like I can get a decent nights sleep. Measure P, which my business is dependent on not passing, is going down in flames so far. As far as other races go, I like Conservatives to win primarily because it upsets Liberals. But other than that, it really doesn’t matter to me. The Cuesta Bond measure looks like it will pass. I don’t agree with it, but if the voters decided they want to pay for it, then I will go along. Nationally, if the Republicans don’t repeal Obamacare, then their win means nothing to me. I could care less about the other litmus tests (gay marriage, abortion, equal pay). A balanced budget would be icing on the cake.


If you want to laugh watch MSNBC right now……(: )

Kevin Rice


Electronic state media feed and county electronic feed, updated every 60 seconds.


You mean, up to the hour, right?

Kevin Rice

No, I mean up to the minute. Both the state and county feeds are polled every sixty seconds. When they update, my page is updated within sixty seconds. State updates are occurring every 5-15 minutes. The county usually posts updates every 90 minutes or so until they go home around midnight.

Mine is the only place where you can view BOTH state and county results together. The county results page only lists county totals for state races, so you don’t get the real statewide totals from the county.


BS Kevin. As usual, you promise way more than you can deliver. No wonder you are on the sidelines

Kevin Rice

You think I can provide results before they are public? Go home, and take Caren Ray with you.


Who said anything about Ray? All I was referring to was your arrogant assumption that you seem to think you have it all figured out, all of the time. That’s it. BTW, I am home… Been home for a few years now

Kevin Rice

I’m sorry you are bent out of shape for no reason except personal bitterness. So, where exactly does my election returns not “deliver”? Am I supposed to have updates that don’t exist? Is there another source that provides state updates combined with our county results? Isn’t it you spouting arrogant BS? (Yes)


Nope. Just commenting in a comment section. I’d be willing to bet though, you’re a little bitter. Just a bet you would not have the balls to take

Kevin Rice

Why should I be bitter? Compton won by a mile!


Ditto, take Ray home with you. Standards are different when you play in the big leagues. Espousing “feel good” politics didn’t pass the test in this discerning environment. Knowing what works, as Compton has demonstrated, pays dividends.

Walking districts, treating people with respect, and not being plain rude, has won Compton the race.


Kevin is a Ray supporter. He must be very happy she won.

Do you make all of your opinions from a place of ignorance?


Kevin….BRAVO!!!!!! BTW loved your spot about Caren Ray!


Hey Kevin–thanks for the Ferrara/Costello flier. I’m sure many found it very informative. Loved seeing them pop up in my neighbors windows, attached to the mail boxes, and in car windows. Well done.


It would have meant more if the candidate had approved of it.


Looks like Katcho is in,

Measure G passed,

Lois Craps is in,we lose again,

and we’ll be letting convicts out of jail,better buy more ammo.

Brown is most likely in,we can’t win for loosing.

And you poor buggers in AG get stuck with Antone for another 4 years


While you’re right on almost all of your statements,

we are still working on the last one, please don’t Write-Us off so soon!


So far Lynn Compton is ahead by several hundred votes lets hope it stays that way.


you can only be appointed so many times…..


You are right. Even if I didn’t vote for Compton (or Ray), at least we have someone in that BOS seat who was actually elected.

And, as a bonus point, Ray (Adam Hill’s protege, who he worked so hard to get appointed to the BOS) lost, which delivers a slap in the face to Hill and his cadre of supporters, including Dee Torres.

Speaking of Hill…isn’t about time for him to erupt?


Be happy to see Capps lose her seat and Lynn Compton take control of our bully ass board of supervisors Gibson and Hill.


This website, particularly the comment section, is a bit of an echo chamber. Don’t be too sure that Capps will lose (although I hope she does.) Also, Compton on the BoS would just make it more balanced. Meacham will be the deciding vote on a lot of issues and he can go either way.


OMG! Lynn Compton couldn’t even control her campaign staff, and you think she can control the Board of Supervisors?

I think both Ray and Compton are very poor choices for the BOS position, that is why I didn’t vote for either one.

What turns my stomach now is that two of her locally powerful benefactors, Adam Hill and Tony Ferrara, will use their power to make sure she gets appoited to another political position.


I’m currently hosting an on-line 2014 SLO County and State Election chat room at

It’s 100% anonymous and 100% free. Come join the chatter…


Jim Hill for mayor of Arroyo Grande, that is what I am waiting for.


Sounds like at least a 4 year wait.


I hope you’re wrong but Write-In candidates rarely win. I am hoping this is one of those rare times because we can’t afford 4 more years of cronyism.


mayor is two year term


Oh I’ m thinking it will be much shorter for Big Tony.

His day off shame and disgrace will come soon.


Oh silly Don, you know better than that!


Dumb trying to play dumber???


I think not. He does not want to usurp your role.