Alleged sexual assault at Cal Poly fraternity

November 2, 2014

calpolyCal Poly officials alerted students in an email on Saturday about an alleged sexual assault at a fraternity party on Friday.

The victim was attending a party hosted by the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at 740 W. Foothill Boulevard in San Luis Obispo The victim, who may have been drugged, woke up to find a man “with blond hair and blue eyes with the first name of Jake … engaging in sexual activity without her consent,” police said.

Police found out about the alleged assault from a second party. The victim then refused to file a report about the alleged rape.

There is not a criminal investigation at this time.

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Drug dealing, robbery, rape, drugging people.

Don’t you think it’s time to shut these shitholes down mr. Armstrong? Oh I forgot, this neutered fool can’t even get a felons name off of his scoreboard.


Hannah Graham was the missing University of Virginia student allegedly abducted and murdered by Jesse Matthew near Charlottesville, Virginia. Hannah went missing September 13, 2014, and her remains were found on October 18, 2014, buried only a few miles from where she was last seen. Investigators believe there have been many additional female victims who were assaulted (including one prior murder) by Jesse Matthew. At least two of these alleged rape victims DECLINED TO FILE CHARGES. Had these victims filed charges, Mr. Matthew’s DNA would have been in the system, and he may have been arrested years earlier. The prior alleged victims’ decisions to not file charges allowed Mr. Matthew freedom to continue assaulting and murdering women at will.

Now move out west to San Luis Obispo and it’s anyone’s guess as to how many women “Jake” may have sexually assaulted prior to October 31, 2014. It is beyond my imagination WHY the victim has refused to file a police report. It might not be JUST ABOUT HER. There could be other women who have been sexually assaulted by “Jake” and there may be more in the future if he isn’t stopped.


If the woman does not want to file charges, then that is her right. Maybe she doesn’t want to interrupt her life with a year’s worth of legal dealings in pressing charges.

Don’t try to make her feel guilty in not pressing charges; and, don’t try to make her feel guilty if she decides to press charges. It’s her decision–not yours.

Just remember that a sexual assault can take place, but may not be provable in court. I’m assuming that she is intelligent enough to weigh the evidence available, consider the options, and do what is right for her.

Rich in MB

A sexual assault at a frat house in SLO….no…I’m shocked…shocked I say…..