Arroyo Grande baby tests positive for marijuana

November 18, 2014

unnamed-2San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s narcotics officers raided a rural Arroyo Grande home last week and found a baby living amid a hash oil lab.

Officers served a search warrant at 2209 Willow Road on Nov. 11 and discovered a lab for converting marijuana into hash or “honey oil.” The incident led to the arrests of two adult men and one woman.

Two teenagers, ages 15 and 12, and a 10-month-old boy were living in the home. Officers found the 10-month-old sleeping on a mattress on the floor of one of the bedrooms. The space surrounding the mattress contained various forms of marijuana, smoking pipes and a broken glass pipe.

Child Welfare Services took custody of the baby, who later tested positive for marijuana.

Officers arrested 41-year-old Arroyo Grande resident Damien Glos for the manufacture and sale of a controlled substance and 20-year-old Arroyo Grande resident Alyssa White for child endangerment. They also arrested Corcoran resident Travis Traynor, 25, for outstanding warrants.

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This is straight out of the breaking bad episode with the two meth addicts, ATM machine and little boy. Another 3 wards of the state for us to support.


Here they go again…..(pounding my forehead on the keyboard)….stupid people who jump to conclusions and have no clue what either empiric evidence or a peer reviewed journal are-as well as the fallacies for debate. You would have to actually survey people in order to determine what percentage of pot smokers would endanger their children in this manner, and I am certain that ~ 90% are likely not only to not expose their children to marijuana smoke-but they likely do not even let their children know they smoke it or have it in the house. In other words, just because you (who do not engage in smoking the substance) claim that all pot smokers do this sort of behavior–it by no means is true. Let me repeat that: You would have to do an actual study of pot smokers who have children and research what their stance is to find out the truth on this matter: just because you are against pot does not mean that everyone exposes their children to it if they use it themselves.

Many who smoke marijuana are well-educated and therefore well-versed on studies that indicate the dangers of marijuana to the young brain that is not completely developed yet, especially neurological pruning. I find this (in the article) repugnant and irresponsible behavior, and the parents are obviously neglectful. I would feel the same way about a child that young testing positive for alcohol-or anything else for that matter.

If I hear “Oh you just don’t understand pot smokers” one more time I’ll scream. The minimum allowable to breath and suck life from us all is the moral compass of these scum buckets.

A 10 month old sleeping with broken pot pipe glass while you create some new dope to sell so your lazy ass doesn’t have to work? Wring this sponge out and throw it in jail forever.

Rant done.

Ya – lump all us pot smokers together, we’re all exactly the same. I can’t wait to get home and put a bong and some weed next to my kid, ’cause all us pot smokers are all the same. Maybe I’ll build a honey oil extraction lab next to my kid, ’cause that’s what all pot smokers do, we’re all exactly the same.

Here are a few simple questions for you Stunned. Would your rant be the same if the people involved were alcoholics making moonshine? Would you paint everyone who drank booze of any sort with the same brush? What about nicotine addicts?

I like you Stunned. You make me look really, really smart. Here is your assignment for the week: look up “fallacy ad hominem”. That is always the fallacy that weeds out those that are are willing to appear on the Jerry Springer Show (or, at least willing to display the same behavior in writing on the local newspaper discussion board).

And here is the part that is really telling: this “rant” has 10 thumbs up and 3 thumbs down as of this post. I studied this in a social psychology class quite some time ago. People with low intelligence quota (IQ) scores are willing (and this is not meant as a way to contrive an insult) to go overboard and become emotional while very obviously losing contact with the reasoning of the prefrontal cortex (the higher logic center). This is a lot of times coupled with an “I know everything” attitude. This is a snapshot of our society, people. Big ego, combined with a low IQ and a lack of the genteel knowledge about public debate. This is the exact same construct you see in road rage, or blaming the victim for the crime.

Now, do not wonder why, when we saw the last rape in the paper and some basically called her an idiot for being out late-why you saw that response. Such a sad society.

It’s so unfortunate that babies cannot choose to whom they are born.