SLO man goes grocery shopping with box cutter

November 18, 2014
Daniel Marcom

Daniel Marcom

During his Monday evening visit to Ralph’s grocery store in San Luis Obispo, 45-year-old Daniel Marcom pulled a box cutter from his pocket and brandished it an employee, according to San Luis Obispo police.

Marcom, a San Luis Obispo resident, took out the box cutter around 7:13 p.m. after being asked to leave the store. On a previous occasion, he allegedly stole alcohol from the Ralph’s and was warned not to trespass at the location.

Several employees succeeded in separating Marcom from the box cutter and detained him until police arrived. Officers then arrested him for brandishing a box cutter and trespassing.

Marcom is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of exhibiting a deadly weapon other than a firearm and trespassing. His bail is set at $2,000.

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What’s the big deal?

I never leave home without my box-cutter. =)

I saw a man in Starbucks with a box cutter in Santa Maria the other night, but he worked there and was opening the boxes to stock the new Christmas mugs and display stuff. Three policemen were in line for coffee and we all joined in-branding him the Boxcutter Barista. Even the cops were laughing!

Lighten up….it’s the holidays :)

There are some occasion where a good ol’ fashioned ass whoopin is the best deterrent..

“Several employees succeeded in separating Marcom from the box cutter ”

Had he brandished that box cutter at 10 law enforcement officers, he would now be dead, and they would be asking for salary increases because of the danger of their job.

Meanwhile a few capable civilian employees who don’t spend all their time glorifying themselves and talking about the dangers of their job manage to separate him from the weapon and send him on his way with the police.

Kind of surprised at the number of dislikes, must be a lot of knife wielding transients or LE.

We are becoming a lawless society. It’s what the voters wanted, the law enforcement fought against it, and now we will live with it. From the top government to the local, everything is OK, just take away the guns!

Actually, crime statistics from the FBI show that we are becoming a LESS criminal society. I suspect that your impression to the contrary is due to the emphasis by the omnipresent news media (including this site) on such things. That is not to say that crimes against others should be tolerated but they have always existed and they have been more frequent in the past (based on percentage of population).

Either way, it does still give reason for honest citizens to have access to firearms since it is unreasonable to expect society as a whole to be crime free or to expect LEOs to prevent more than a small fraction of the crime. I suspect that the LEOs could do better if their time and efforts weren’t wasted on making big issues out of small ones or enforcing “victimless” crime laws.

Maybe what we should do is have some serious discussions about what works and what doesn’t in the area of reforms (especially for first-time offenders, young people and treatment of drug abuse or mental illness.

Wow, where did “just take away the guns!” come from? Is there any connection at all to the story posted here? Or are you just super paranoid that the “gubermint” is coming to take away your precious weapons? Most new regulations regarding firearms do not make owning a weapon a crime; in Washington state they just passed a law eliminating a gun show loophole that allowed firearms to be purchased without a background check. Who would be in favor of not requiring background checks other than those who want to use their weapons in an illegal manner?

I really don’t care how many weapons you own, what kind of weapons they are unless they are illegal to possess, and if you shoot them responsibly, I really don’t care about how much ammunition you go through. I would hope you are responsible enough to not leave loaded weapons laying around if there are children in the vicinity, and I hope that no one ever reaches for a firearm in a moment of rage or anger. No one is “coming for your weapons”.

He could have killed someone with a quick slash. This is NOT a brandishing crime, and the $ 2,000 bail is pathetic. WHAT IS WITH the low bail silliness of local LE ?

Just more examples of San Luis Obispo Police Department lack of concern for it’s citizens. “To neglect and to non-serve”.

Edged weapon threats in a public market? . No big. Give us an open and shut homicide.

Unprovoked facial punches . No big. Give them to the Sheriff to release on O.R.

Thunderous cortisol-releasing disrupting the peace You expect us to police disruptive noise from intentional, needless sources cruising the town? What ? Get real, where’s my chocolate doughnut with the sprinkles?

lamec….took the words right outa my mouth. Those same boxcutters did a lot of damage on 9/11, shouldn’t this be considered a terrorist act?

Sigh… PC 417, displaying a weapon in a threatening manner. Yes, it is indeed brandishing. Terrorist act?!? Maybe my sarcasm detector is failing, or maybe you should calm down.

The subject of bail is related to the ability of the suspect to pay it, and whether they are a flight risk. Something about that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing. Or maybe you’d like to see that disappear as well? Summary public executions, perhaps? The Taliban can oblige.

Yes it was sarcasm and perhaps you are the one that needs to lighten up…. please spare me the civics lesson, although I am impressed with your knowledge of the PC.

Let’s quibble, tictac. I meant the totality should not be dismissed as a brandishment.

The act together, entering a property he has been legally excluded from is one misdemeanor, the headline also sounds as if he was in the act of shoplifting, another imminent crime, and displaying a weapon when asked to leave could be hostage taking, takeover robbery, or some aggravation, or should be some sort of enhancement, thus my objection to the weak charge and bail.

A brandishing seems more suited if two people encounter in a street. Just my armchair opinion that brandishing is too low a charge.

Don’t sigh at me, I can only evaluate repeat offenders in the same venue as escalating in a very dangerous manner. I admit to a bias against that agency after watching their tepid performance in protecting the citizenry from the thugery.